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Were the people of Germany better off under the Nazi Party?

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´╗┐Were the people of Germany better off under the Nazi Party? In this essay, the good and bad movements passed under the Nazi Parties reign and I will then conclude whether I think they were better or worse off. After the Wall Street Crash, unemployment was a major issue. In one of his speeches Hitler promised to take steps to solve Germany?s economic problems and create jobs and Hitler fulfilled his promise. Men were conscripted into the army, which increased in size from 100,00 to 900,00. The Nazis also set up the National Labour Service that employed thousands of Germans in public work schemes such as the building of motorways, schools and railways. Large sums of money were also spent on rearming Germany?s military forces, therefore creating jobs in the armaments industry. Jobs lead to a better lifestyle, therefore being better off under the Nazi Party. The Nazi Party also set up two other organizations, both of which helped the German public. ...read more.


One poster contained the ?perfect family? of which were three children, a mother and father, a happy unit. Another poster also encouraged workers to work hard and get your own car, a Volkswagen, which was also known as a ?peoples car?. This again encouraged people that under the Nazi Parties reign, they could have the ?perfect? party. On the other hand, workers lost many of their rights under the Nazis. For example, working hours limit increased to 72 hours a week and wages were low. Some may argue that although they did lose their rights, they still had jobs. But it was still extremely hard for the workers. Although some people benefited under the Nazi Party others didn?t. It wasn?t the fault of the German people that caused the years of difficulty; it was the Jews and the communists. Therefore if you didn?t fall under any of these categories, it was not surprising that many Germans considered that the benefits of Nazi rule outweighed the disadvantages. ...read more.


Music and art were also judged unsuitable. But not only did it stop their, Nazis went to great lengths to ensure that the children were brought up with the correct views. History was rewritten to emphasize the part played by the Nazis in German?s history and ?Race Study? was introduced as a new subject. This brainwashed some of the public and controlled how many of the public lived their lives. In conclusion, I think that some people of Germany were better off under the reign of the Nazi Party even though their ways were very harsh and manipulating. This is because many of the public found jobs, were rewarded for working hard, working conditions were improved, comforted by the fact that the Nazi Party ruled out communism and were encouraged to have a perfect family. Others, however, were not better off if you fell under the categories of being a Jew or communist. If you did, then you were victimised by the Secret Police and blamed for the difficulty of Germany. Ellie Bird Year 9 History ...read more.

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