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Were the Republican policies the main reason for prosperity in the 1920s?

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Where the Republican polices the main reason for prosperity in the 1920s The 1920s was a period of prosperity for many in the USA. It could be argued that the Republicans polices were the reason for this prosperity .However ,other factors such as the effect of world war one , rise of new industries, creation of consumer culture or readily available credit were also important factors . I agree that the Republican polices of the 1920s were the main reason for prosperity in the USA. Firstly the republicans, particularly Harding, who promoted the idea laissez Faire. This police meant that the government would interfere as little as possible in the lives of the people. Overall this helped to boost prosperity because workers can put more innovation into their products as the government weren?t going to interfere and workers were able to produce more products which were more successful. Secondly, Americas idea of isolationism helped boost prosperity because; while they weren?t in world war 1 they were making money by trading with their allies . ...read more.


This boosted the economy because it brought benefits to the poorer workers but a bigger advantage to the wealth workers. This polices was made so people can spend their money on American consumer goods and the wealthy people would reinvest their money in industries. In this way all the profit came back, this is the way low taxation helped to increase prosperity. However, there are a number of other reasons why the USA became prosperous in the 1920s The First World War was an important factor in the economic boom of the 1920s in the USA. This is because they were making money by trading with the allies and other countries while the allies were in France . This made America the leading world producer and beat Germany in the chemical industry Additionally, the USA?s natural industrial strength was another important reason for prosperity in the 1920s. This has helped to increase the prosperity of America because USA had lots of natural industrial strength as they were the leading oil producers and had massive steel, coal, and textile industries which made lots of profit and helped to increase prosperity in the American economy . ...read more.


Some new industries that were growing were the ford cars (model TS) and silk stockings were growing companies. The assembly line helped to boost the economy by mass production because it was quick and workers didn?t have to move around. This saved time and in that time more products were made instead of wasting time. Goods became cheaper as there were an enormous amount of consumer goods being made and were made cheaper so more people could buy products and more money was made. The new industries also took advantage of clever advertising strategies which increased consumer demand as people were aware of different products, so more products were sold and this helped to increase prosperity in the American economy. Overall, I believe that the Republicans policies of the 1920s were a great importance in the prosperity of the USA in the 1920s but there were other important factors which lead to USA?S prosperity as I have mentioned. This is because I think the policies were like the bases of the other factors as they have helped to make something of those factors. ...read more.

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