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What are the strengths and weaknesses of source A as an interpretation of the role of Roosevelt in the New Deal? Explain your answer using source A and knowledge from your studies.

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The United States 1919-1941 1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of source A as an interpretation of the role of Roosevelt in the New Deal? Explain your answer using source A and knowledge from your studies. Source A has many strengths and weaknesses as an interpretation of the role of Roosevelt in the New Deal. As historians, we have to remember when studying the source is that this is just one interpretation; one account of the role of Roosevelt in the new deal. This already suggests one of the main limitations of the source. As the source has been extracted from a textbook, it is more than likely to be an objective interpretation as its purpose is to provide information to children. Contained in the source are facts and details known to be true. From previous research and other sources that Roosevelt did actually take part in the mentioned "fireside chats". We also know from previous studies that Roosevelt was a very popular president, the fact that he received "avalanches of mail" shows that the source is trustworthy. ...read more.


Patterson himself, may have had unknown personal motives for writing so positively about Roosevelt. He, obviously, supported Roosevelt's opinions, and because of this, he could have had an unintentional biased attitude. To conclude, I believe that this source is partly reliable, to an extent. However, in order to develop a greater understanding about Roosevelt's role in the new deal, a wider range of sources needs to be consulted. 2. Sources E and F are both sets of statistics. Which of these sources is the more useful to an historian studying the impact of the New Deal on the USA? Explain your answer using Sources E and F and knowledge from your studies. Both sources, E and F are of value to a historian studying the impact of the New Deal, to an extent. Source E is clearly useful as it shows us the unemployment figures in USA between 1929-1939. It is useful as it shows us that from when Roosevelt was elected president and the New Deal was underway, unemployment rates steadily decreased. Clearly, alphabet agencies such as CCC, PWA, and WPA were in full action at this time. ...read more.


However, the company who produced this leaflet probably had a negative experience of the new deal; they were most probably a republican company. They may have been lead into financial difficulty following the successes of the New Deal for other "ordinary" people. One must be careful when interpreting this source as it clearly is a method of propaganda that is trying to tarnish Roosevelt's name. The republicans are displaying their resentment towards Roosevelt, so in this sense, we must be cautious when examining its reliability. To conclude, overall, source E and F is both, useful and useless. Source E does provide us with basic information about unemployment rates and source F does give us a sound perspective of anti-Roosevelt opposition at that time. However, both sources are limited in the way that source E doesn't teach us anything about the other New Deal successes, like education and health. Source F, likewise, has its limitations as it does not give us a true reflection of what he was actually doing at the time. Both sources are different as they were written by different people, from different sides of the political spectrum, which ultimately makes each source serve a different purpose. Bridget O'Reilly History C/W ...read more.

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