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What can you learn about Roosevelt from this Source? Explain your answer, using details from the source.

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History Coursework Assignment 2: The USA 1919-1942 - source paper Question 1-Study source A What can you learn about Roosevelt from this Source? Explain your answer, using details from the source. (6 marks) One thing that I think you can learn from source A about Roosevelt is that he was clearly a kind and caring man. Although Source A has been taken out of context it is clear that the writer of this letter thought that Roosevelt was a very fine president. From source A we can assume that the writer of this letter was having difficulties and was having trouble extending his mortgage so he wrote to the president asking for help. We can then assume that the President sent a letter in reply saying that he will send one of his workers or acquaintances to try and help the man/ woman get their house/furniture back for them. This shows that Roosevelt was very considerate and did not set himself back from the ordinary people of America. With acts like these, he inspired the American people and gave them courage throughout the Depression and Second World War. ...read more.


He says and acknowledges that the previous government was dysfunctional and says that America had to go through nine years of allusions that Hoover and his government put forth. Roosevelt says that 'powerful influences' (businessmen, rich and Republicans) are still trying to bring back the old government that 'failed' and did not care for the ordinary people of America. This is probably because they did not have to pay as much money for Tax and did not have to pay for the Social Security of their workers. FDR states that government by organised money, i.e. rich businessmen, is as dangerous as decree by 'thugs'. He says that it is the first time that he has been hated by these united forces, but he welcomes their hatred. Source E was written by a Republican opponent of the New Deal that clearly damned the New Deal. He says the deal is taking away far too much of 'their' money (the tax-payers) in an attempt to reap equality he also says that this is a defiance of all the ideas upon which our civilisation has been founded. He also says that the cautious with money are being taxed while the lazy poor simply inherit. ...read more.


Also sources J and I are attacking Roosevelt but these are also unreliable. From this I can say that the evidence that says that Roosevelt was an inconsistent president is unreliable. From the evidence that suggests that Roosevelt was a good president there are still unreliable sources. An unreliable source A because it could have been written by anyone who supported Roosevelt. Source B is an inaccurate source because we do not know who Drew the carton. Source d is also unreliable because Roosevelt himself wrote the speech. Source F is unreliable because people who supported Roosevelt drew it. But Source G is reliable because it is a government document and therefore unlikely that it would be inaccurate. Source H is reliable because an historian wrote it and therefore the historian would have a balanced opinion because he would have analysed lots of evidence and he was not intimately involved with the depression. From this there are two pieces of evidence that are reliable and support the statement that Roosevelt was a great leader. The best-supported interpretation is that Roosevelt was a great leader, who inspired his country, relieved poverty and distress and dealt with the depression in an imaginative way. Miles Timothy - GCSE History Coursework ...read more.

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