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What can you learn from source A about Hitler's aims?

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Hitler, Nazism and Nazi beliefs: sources A) What can you learn from source A about Hitler's aims? By studying source A which is an article written by Hitler describing the moment that he heard about the Armistice in November 1918. I can see that Hitler's main aim was get involved with politics this was because he was unhappy with the way that thing were being handed and wanted to change the course of events he didn't like what the leaders were doing we can tell this because he says "only fools, liars and criminals could hope on the mercy of the enemies" the longer it all went on the more determined Hitler got to wanting to become a so that he could have thing done his way which he thought was the best way because the people in charge were no good and wanted them to be better in this case done by him. ...read more.


Source B explains why there is the need to go to war it says that "between our present misery and our future happiness there is war" this is saying that there is a reason for war and that to get happiness you need to fight for it. The reason Nazi wanted to go to war was so that they could control everything because they did not agree with how the other was going about the matters. You can sum this up in a sentence "sacrifice now if you want happiness in the future". This is why everyone needed to be informed about what war was. Source C also implies this message as well it says "it is necessary, for better or for worse" the source also give some kind of impression of control and passionate and they will stand by their word but they need you first to go to war and get them what they want then there will be peace. ...read more.


This source helps us to understand Nazi beliefs because they are all wearing the same and following commands that were set. They also all shared the same beliefs in what Hitler was saying. Source D, which was a piece from a speech from Hitler in November 1937. In the speech he says that all German no matter where they are in the world should have their own land this is so that Germany can be expanded - "where Germans live. Space is paramount" Hitler knew that France and Britain would not like him doing this is what he said to them "they will have to be fought". Hitler does not want peace he just want to fight and win which will make him more powerful and have more control over others. Hitler believed that the Germans were greater than everyone else and therefore had much more rights and should be protected wherever they are. These two sources allow us to understand more about the beliefs of the Nazis and why they did certain things that upset others. ...read more.

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