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What Caused The Outbreak Of War In 1939?

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What Caused The Outbreak Of War In 1939? There were many things that may have cause the inevitable war. One of the first things is the foreign policy of Hitler. Firstly he used to just make it look like he was just putting right the treaty of Versailles but in 1938 when he took over Czechoslovakia and also made a deal with the Soviet Union to split up Poland, Britain and France did not like this and got ready for war. The biggest problem was that Hitler was almost stronger than both of those two countries but they did not have the help of the U.S.A. so there was not going to be very decisive outcome at the start. It was unsure of which side the U.S.S.R. was on as it had made a pact with both sides, and at that time communism was a bigger threat than fascism of Hitler and Mussolini but that soon changed and Britain and France decided to try to take action before it was too late. ...read more.


Germany's aggression along with the aggression of her allies and their ambitions of making big empires fuelled them into favouring war than peace with neighbouring countries. Also the democracies were too passive, the USA was in isolation, France would not do anything without the support from Britain and Britain was sympathetic towards Germany and later appeased her. All three of these powers could have stopped Germany earlier if they had wanted to do so. Also the League of Nations failed to keep peace, which led to fighting rather than discussions. Although Britain and France were aware of Hitler's actions, they were also concerned about the rise of Communism and believed that a stronger Germany might help to prevent the spread of Communism to the West. In 1936 Hitler ordered German troops to enter the Rhineland. At this point the German army was not very strong and could have been easily defeated. ...read more.


Hitler was not a man of his word and in March 1939 invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia. Despite calls for help from the Czechoslovak government, neither Britain nor France was prepared to take military action against Hitler. However, some action was now necessary and believing that Poland would be Hitler's next target, both Britain and France promised that they would take military action against Hitler if he invaded Poland. Chamberlain believed that, faced with the prospect of war against Britain and France, Hitler would stop his aggression. Chamberlain was wrong. German troops invaded Poland on 1st September 1939. This shows that although Hitler promised a lot he could not keep his promises and Chamberlain should have seen this in the Munich agreement, but still he appeased Germany and still they invaded more and more so war was really inevitable but Chamberlain at least did realise this a bit and started rearming. This is why the war started in the short term. ...read more.

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