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What disadvantages did Black Americans face in the early 1950s?

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Question 1- What disadvantages did Black Americans face in the early 1950s? Throughout the years 1920-1973, and especially during the 1950s, black people faced many injustices in America. They faced social, economical, physical and political disadvantages and were also at a disadvantage because generally, whites were in power. These disadvantages will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Because whites were in power, black people faced a major injustice. The policemen, jurors and judges tended to be white. These whites in power were often biased towards black people, simply because of their race. An example of such an injustice would be in April 1963 when Martin Luther King was arrested whilst leading a peaceful demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama. ...read more.


Due to the poor education that blacks had received at their poorer segregated schools they could not pass the literacy tests and therefore could not vote. Although many blacks attempted at the literacy test, they were almost always said to have failed it. Social disadvantages that black people faced derived from 'Jim Crow Laws'. Named after a white comedian's old song character and the way that Jim Crow poked fun at black people, 'Jim Crow Laws' were laws, which discriminated against blacks and encouraged segregation. Examples of segregation would be the poorer schools that black people had to white people, which resulted in poorer education. Also, buses were segregated. The front of the bus was reserved for whites whereas the back of the bus was reserved for blacks A black person was also expected to give their seat to a white person if no further seats were available. ...read more.


However, even a well-educated black person probably would have had a menial job due to racism, discrimination and whites being in power. This is mainly an economical disadvantage. Lastly, black people faced many physical disadvantages. They received mental and physical abuse by the 'Ku Klux Klan' because of their race. 'The Ku Klux Klan', a secret society whose aim was to make blacks inferior to whites attacked black people's villages and schools. They even resorted to lynching. Another physical disadvantage that black people faced was their poor housing and diets. Housing was an issue partly because of poor income and therefore not enough money to buy a decent house. Also, 'black villages' tended to be smaller and not as nice as 'white villages. Poor diet was also a result of poor income. It can therefore be seen that black people faced many disadvantages in the 1950s. ...read more.

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