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What do people in Northern Ireland today think about Bloody Sunday even though it happened 30 years ago?

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Ateeb Wahid History Coursework What do people in Northern Ireland today think about Bloody Sunday even though it happened 30 years ago? The events known as Bloody Sunday happened on the 30th January 1972 it happened when unarmed catholic protestors took part in a civil rights march in Londonderry (Derry). They were marching for equal rights through the streets of the town when suddenly British troops, the 1st Battalion parachute regiment, opened fire on the protestors (Mitchell McLaughlin Sinn Fein party chairman believes that the events of the day were to same extent planned by the British Government to make an official apology to the people of Londonderry. However there is a number of Catholics who feel bitter towards the government and the army for covering up the truth of what actually happened. Many protestors see it as the day that saw the rebirth of the IRA and feel disgust towards it for this reason than because people died in a violent way. ...read more.


The report written by lord Widgery, the lord chief justice is said by some people to be incorrect and untruthful about what actually happened and who started what. The report was written by Lord Widgery, the lord chief justice is said by some people to be incorrect and untruthful about what actually happened, who first opened fire and who was to blame for the deaths of the 13 men involved. The report, which was published in April 1972 less than three months after the event, claimed that there was strong suspicion that some of the deceased had been firing guns or handling bombs that afternoon. However there was no evidence whatsoever that only of the dead had been shot whilst actually holding a gun or firearm. Most Catholics feel the Widgery report was a disgrace because it only took only three months to compile and overlooked evidence, drew inaccurate conclusions and condemned the dead as potential gunmen. ...read more.


Derry can't lay their grief to rest because there has never been an official apology" But the fact that protestant and Catholics forget their differences on the Sunday nearest to the 30th January shows how much strength of feeling there is still left for an event that happened nearly 30 years ago shows how much Bloody Sunday has affected people and their lives. After studying all the evidence my feelings on Bloody Sunday are that the army opened fire on the protestors indiscriminately as there was no violence coming from the protestors. I do not agree with the Widgery report as all the evidence was not properly examined because in my opinion if it had have been the soldiers who shot the people would have been prosecuted on a charge of murder and the British army would not have got away with what happened. My views do tally with those of some Irish people today in Northern Ireland as the people I agree with only want justice to be served. ...read more.

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