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What happened to Catholism in Tudor England?

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´╗┐What Happened to Catholic England? The period between 1509 and 1603, during the reigns of Henry VIII and his children, can be described as a religious rollercoaster. The country changed from Catholicism to Protestantism but experienced many ups and downs along the way. This essay will explain these changes by what happened to Catholic of England before Henry broke from Rome, examining how Henry VIII changed Catholic of England, what happened when Edward VI became king, how Mary changed the church back to Catholic faith, Elizabeth?s middle way and a conclusion to summarise the essay. In 1509, when Henry VIII became King, England was a firmly Catholic country. The Pope was Head of the Church. It is important to obey the Pope as he is Gods representative on earth and his priests can help you get your sins forgiven more quickly when you die. The churches would be very decorative, stained glass windows with statues. There would be holy relics. Monasteries is a house that does many charitable deeds. ...read more.


She banned the Pray Book and reintroduced Latin Mass. The priests had to leave their wives. The bible stayed in English. Some problems she faced were that there were many Protestants in England, they hated the Pope and Catholicism. Henry had already closed all the monasteries and sold their land to rich and important people. Mary was 37, was not married and so had no children, her half sister Elizabeth was next in line and she was protestant so she was in a difficult situation. After nearly 25 years of religious changes Elizabeth?s main aim when she became queen was to keep the country happy with its religion so she made the ?Middle Way?. It was to keep the Catholics and Protestants happy without choosing a religion, with all its changes that have happened. To make the Catholics happy she did: have a traditional order of service, have bishops in charge of priests, keep all old churches. ...read more.


Edward was protestant so he changed laws to make it more protestant like, making the Church look simple. Mary was Catholic and a fierce one to. She was the first female monarch and so she had to prove she was strong, one way she proved them was by killing many protestant and some of them fled to Europe. She burnt the most heretics out of Henry VII to Elizabeth. The total was about 250 heretics killed, she also reigned the shortest at of them as well. She pretty much reversed most of Edwards laws putting them back to Catholic ways. While Elizabeth changed some of them to make both religions equal, she wanted people to live in peace without no problem, people who didn?t follow her ways got punished. The changes took so long as all those monarchs weren?t the same religion, so many laws were changed and some of them did cause problems which took a long time to fix, some were just left out. The only way to keep everyone happy was to make it fair. ...read more.

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