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What Happened To the Romanov Family?

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What Happened To the Romanov Family? 1. (a) Sources A and B are both very similar, and in some ways these sources are reliable evidence, but in other ways these sources are not very reliable evidence. One way in which both of the accounts are reliable is that they both say that not all of the members of the Romanov family were killed. In fact in both accounts the same 5 people were mentioned as being murdered which show that this is likely to have happened. Another reason that the accounts may be reliable is because Judge Sergeyev wouldn't have had a motive in which to say that only 5 people were killed. This is because he was taking out an investigation on behalf of the whites, and if he would have had any bias it would have been towards the whole family being murdered by the Bolsheviks. A way in which the accounts are unreliable is that Judge Sergeyev's account is only taken from people who have spoken to him or who have read\d his report, so these people may not be telling the truth. Another reason is that Sir Charles Eliot seems very conclusive, and it doesn't seem like he is sure about what he was saying. ...read more.


This source is also unreliable though, as it was written by Judge Sokolov who was taking out an investigation on behalf of the whites, and he was a firm believer that the whole Romanov family were killed, and this could have had a bearing on his diagram. I think that source H is more reliable than source G because source g was drawn based on the investigation carried by the whites, which could have created a bias on the painting. As it is a painting it may also not be very accurate to the investigation due to human error, and it's not like a photograph which is 100% accurate. It also doesn't seem like the painting has much hard evidence, and I think that the artist drew this in order to convey the tsar as heroic as it shows him holding his son in his arms. I also think that source F wasn't as reliable as source H, because although it is a real picture, it has been taken by the whites and they could have easily doctored the photo to make it look like a massacre took place. Also, as the scene of the "murders" was under control by the whites at the time, they could have trashed the murder scene and make holes in the wall themselves in order to make it look like the whole family was killed. ...read more.


Although as with Sokolov's report, the newspaper does agree that the bodies were taken in a lorry and buried. I think the reason why Medvedev's comments disagreed with the newspaper article is because he was being tortured by the Whites, and therefore they could have manipulated him to say what they wanted him to hear. To conclude I think that the British newspaper report (source J) seemed to both compromise and confirm what was said in the other sources. It did seem to sum up the other sources as some of the verdicts were very different, i.e. the views of Sokolov and Sergeyev. I think this because it seemed to strike a balance between the 2 extremes of only the Tsar being killed, and the whole family being killed. This is because the report suggested that 5 members of the family were killed which is in the middle of Sokolov and Sergeyev's verdict. It is also between the 2 views of what happened after the murders took place, as Charles Eliot said, "No corpses were discovered, nor any trace of them being burned." Where Sokolov said, "The bodies were chopped in to pieces and burned with the aid of petrol and sulphuric acid." Source J goes in between again by saying that the bodies were buried in a bogged down swamp. ...read more.

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