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What Happened To The Romanov Family?

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What Happened To The Romanov Family? Question A Source A is a report from an American newspaper dated December 1918. It tells us an account of what Judge Sergeyev did while investigating the house and what he found. Source B is from Sir Charles Eliot's report to the British government, dated October 1918. He was sent by the British government to find out what had happened and this source is his account of his findings. When studying sources A and B, they both give similar accounts to what happened. These similarities in turn show the reliability of the sources. First and foremost, both sources are from the same source person which is Judge Sergeyev, this meaning that the source is reliable in the fact that both include Judge Sergeyev's findings. Another similarity is the number of victims there supposedly was. They both agree that there were five; the Tsar, Dr Botkin, the empress's maid and two servants. This is the only point that both sources agree on. The differences between the Sources A and B will in turn show how the sources are not reliable. Firstly, source A is written by an American newspaper. At the time the Americans were strongly against the Bolsheviks and therefore anti-red. Source B is written by Sir Charles Eliot whom is on the 'White' side as he is British. ...read more.


This is completely different to what the American newspaper reports on in source A as they state that only five people were murdered in the house. They even based their reports on Sergeyev's findings. Source B also states the same five people in source A being murdered; consequently this is a major difference. Source C also states the dates "17 and 22 July" as to when Sokolov believed that the crime took place - in between those days. Source B does not mention a date but does state that on 17 July, a train left Ekaterinbuurg...surviving members of the royal family were in it." This suggests that Sir Charles Eliot believed that the murder took place before these dates, hence the difference. Source C also states that "revolvers and bayonets" were used to carry out the murder whereas sources A and B do no mention weapons but do mention the fact that the family was "shot." This suggests that Judge Sokolov discovered new evidence to what had been used as the murder weapon, something the other sources do not pick up on. There is additional information to support this theory as Sokolov suggests that "more that thirty shots were fired because some of the bullets must have remained in the bodies. Sokolov further explains that on 17 July "a lorry carried the corpses to the four brothers' mine." ...read more.


When analysing source E there are no similarities to that of source D. With source E being from an extract from a History book using Medvedev's wife's comments, we can see there are many differences. Firstly there is a mention of "a paper was read to them that said, "the revolution is dying and so shall you." There is no mention of this in source D. His wife also says "My husband fired too" in response to the shootings while Medvedev clearly states that he was outside when the shootings took place. This continues as the source states that Medvedev told a guard he'd "emptied two or three bullets into the Tsar" which further implies his guilt, his lies and also shows how source E is completely different to what source D states. In conclusion, I do not agree that since source D is an eyewitness account it must be reliable. This is because source E, taken from Medvedev's own wife's words are the opposite of what source D and Medvedev state. Furthermore, source D includes many suspicious factors such as Medvedev being told to see if he could hear the shots outside. Other sources such as A do not agree with source D on some points either in relation to the number of victims which means that even though it is an eye witness account, source D does not have to be and in this case is not really reliable. ...read more.

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