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What impression of Kristallnacht does source C give??

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Source C gives the impression that Kristallnacht was a "hideous," unnecessary operation planned by the Nazis. He starts off by saying, "the shattering of shop windows" this is what the word Kristallnacht means. This source is very very reliable as it was written by an American who was in Germany at the time and saw everything that happened where he was staying. He wrote the account days after Kristallnacht and has had interviews with both sides of the case. David Buffman says this "Was described by the 'Nazi' press as a spontaneous wave of anger as, a result of the cowardly Jewish murder of Von Roth a German officer in Paris." He is saying that this is what the Nazis want everyone to here as it came from their press and this could be a form of propaganda by giving them information without another option. ...read more.


not in uniform." This shows us reliability in this source ands shows us to what extent he has thought about both viewpoints, this is also saying that it wasn't spontaneous as someone high in power had to order the SS men and Stormtroppers to get out of uniform and destroy all of the Jews' belongings, homes, businesses and synagogues. He carries on this sentence saying, "No attempts were made to put out fires, the activity of the fire brigade being confined to spray water only on adjoining buildings." This surely must make it obvious that it was planned as the only people who really could tell the fire brigade what to do was the Nazis and their f�rher as they really were the only ones powerful enough to and only to put out fires if they ...read more.


The way he said 'hideous', is showing us that he hated what they were doing. This paragraph shows us that he has thought about what has happened and both viewpoints, and that it is his own view point on Kristallnacht, which makes this source even more reliable. " The slightest sign of sympathy for the Jews from the public caused fury amongst the Nazis." This is telling us that the Nazis wanted the Jews to be punished, if it was spontaneous or if it was planned, what ever it was they could have provoked it. My conclusion is that it is giving the impression that Kristallnacht was a disgusting event and shouldn't have happened. ?? ?? ?? ?? QB What impression of Kristallnacht does source C give?? Ross Butcher ...read more.

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