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What part did Edwin Chadwick play in bringing about changes in the public health provision in Victorian Britain?

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´╗┐What part did Edwin Chadwick play in bringing about changes in the public health provision? Erin Bourke 10D Edwin Chadwick is most associated with public health improvements during the era of Queen Victoria. He used his position to persuade the government to invest in public health ventures. He was interested in the political and social reform and was one of the most important health activists of the 1800s. He believed in using science as a means for social improvement and in 1832 he was asked to serve on the royal commission to investigate the effectiveness of the Poor Laws. ...read more.


However, one of the reports major criticisms? was that the old Poor Law had been left to be organised at a local level and there was no central authority over the whole system. The new 1834 law changed this and was led to be run by Chadwick and three other men. Yet, he wanted the Act to be carried out in his own way, this resulted in him failing to work with the other three men and it was all or nothing. ...read more.


This dilemma carried on until the Liberal government took control and passed the Public Health Act in 1848. With Chadwick?s work the key issue always remained ? who would pay for these reforms. He did have some impact but potentially not as much as he would have liked. Some people say it was not because of the idea of reforms but due to the fact that it was Chadwick himself and how he put people off him and therefore had a negative impact on his ideas. He was an adamant person leaving little room for tweaks here and there. ...read more.

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