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What Problems have arisen in the Peace Process since the Good Friday Agreement

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What Problems have arisen in the Peace Process since the Good Friday Agreement? I am looking at the problems which have arisen since the Good Friday agreement which have taken place and why Northern Ireland can not come to agreements with each other. The IRA ceasefire started in 1994 after attempts to try and sort it out in 1993, but they still were not the best of starts for the ceasefire in 1994. The year started off with the Republicans who asked for an explanation of the Downing Street Declaration, this obviously meant that the Republicans were not very happy with the current Declaration. Then later in the month of January there was even more tension that there already was when President Clinton came over from the United States and gave Gerry Adams a VISA to go and meet Irish-American groups the Unionists did not feel very happy by this as they thought that Gerry Adams was only going over to America so he could go and visit the groups and get money to pay for arms to support the IRA. This was not the chase though as the Irish-Americans changed ideas and put them across by John Hume when he met up with Gerry Adams to discuss the party's ideas. This was a change for the Republicans and they announced a ceasefire on 31 August. ...read more.


The agreement weren't going to great as there were more shootings Bill Clinton worked behind the scenes in trying to get the peace process to work. From April Tony Blair, Bertie Aherne and the Northern Ireland leaders were trying so hard to negotiate ideas at Stormont. On the 10 April there was finally a agreement, the people of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland were asked whether they were in favour of the Good Friday Agreement, and both said yes with a large majority in favour this was a great achievement but only a step into the right direction of achieving peace. The good Friday agreement stated that: a new Northern Ireland Assembly with 108 members would be set up. All key decisions would require the consent of both communities in the province. This meant that they had to agree both Republicans and Unionists on aspects. A North-South Council of members would also be set up, made up of members of the new assembly and ministers from the Republic. This meant that ministers from north and south Ireland had to be in the assembly. The Irish government would remove Articles 2 and 3 of its constitution, which claimed that the North as part of its territory (subject to a referendum of the people of the Republic). ...read more.


So the Republicans do not give up the weapons because they do not want to look like the weaker link in the peace process and be pushed over. Also that some paramilitary groups are still attacking buildings and people splinter groups as they are called that don't want peace and just for there group to be top dog in Northern Ireland and wont listen to anyone's ideas part from themselves is not the best way to go about. I think that if these groups gave up there weapons that there would be a lot more peace in Northern Ireland and that the peace process could start to go in a much better direction instead of having to start all over again when the other groups disapproves to something then back out. Stormont also needs to up and running with the power in Northern Ireland because they are the people that are seeing this everyday and that it is there country and there people dying. Tony Blair also needs to appoint more neutral people like Mo Mowlam and sort things out because they are not biased and do negotiating very well. There are current events going on with Gerry Adams telling the Unionists that the IRA has given up its weapons but the Unionists are having none of it. ...read more.

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