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What really happened in the Black Hole of Calcutta?

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´╗┐What really happened in the Black Hole of Calcutta source H/W 1. In my opinion, source B is not a reliable source. I think this because it was written by an Indian historian, and the vocabulary he uses implies that he is slightly biased. Since he is Indian, he could be trying to make the British seem like they were lying. He says that there is ?no way? that 146 people could fit into a room of that size. The way he states it as a fact, and not a speculation shows that he is trying to get people to believe in what he is saying. Because he is a modern historian, he is probably not completely biased as he says that around 70 prisoners could have been kept in there. ...read more.


This picture could show that the black hole of Calcutta did exits, but for all we know there could be only one person sitting behind the walls. In my opinion, source E is also biased, and so unreliable. I think this because of many reasons, one of them being that it is written by Thomas Babington Macaulay, who is British. Not only this, but he also uses very descriptive language, such as ?ghastly? , which implies that he is trying to make a bigger effect on the reader. He also uses the number of people from John Howell?s report, not even making a slight impression that there could be less people. Also, his historical essay is written in a more story like fashion, possibly trying to make it more gruesome than it was. ...read more.


1. I think that all of the sources are useful for a historian. Even if a source is biased it can still tell a historian what people thought about the events that were happening at the time. If an account is obviously very exaggerated then it shows that the people were very angry, or affected by the events happening. If there are many unreliable sources, a historian can always take an ?average? of the facts to make a probably more reliable piece of writing. The way that Thomas Macaulay describes the black hole as being extremely gruesome shows that the British were very worried by the events taking place, and that there were possible some other things going on that could show that the Nawab of Bengal was harming the British. ...read more.

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