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What was more important; the succeses or the failures of the New Deal

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What was more important; the successes or the failures of the new deal? The new deal was created by Roosevelt to improve US economy and to pull America out of the depression. When Roosevelt officially came to office in 1933, he made his inaugural speech which reassured many Americans that everything would be good. Roosevelt understood that confidence in people would be the key to salvation so he told everyone "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". These famous words encouraged people to stop doubting themselves, and encouraged them to fight on in the battle against poverty. Most important of all the new deal brought America economical growth. This was achieved mostly by the alphabet agencies created in the famous '100 days'. These agencies - such as the WPA and PWA, made work easier to find and supported many people in the struggle for money. ...read more.


Many people - mainly the upper class, did not agree with Roosevelt. After being fed with "lassez - faire" and "rugged individualism" they were disgusted to find out that their money was going to pay for people who in their minds, "too lazy to find work". This of course did not go down well. And many republicans also disagreed, and made Roosevelt out to be a potential dictator because of his "100 days". Also the idea of ending unemployment didn't succeed (although it lowered the number substantially) and many of the jobs formed by the alphabet agencies were considered boondoggles - scaring away pigeons with balloons. Obviously people got even angrier when they found out that boondogglers were being made with their money. This flare of anger came to the advantage of the Republican Party and Supreme Court - most of whom were republican, as they started to mock Roosevelt of his alphabet agencies and how he wants to be a dictator. ...read more.


On top of all that he demanded 6 more judges for Supreme Court - democrat of course, because the old republican judges were hostile to everything Roosevelt stood for. This aroused a great deal of views to the government. However, you must remember the 31st president Hoover. Now this man definitely ruined America and at one point everyone wanted Roosevelt in. The 4 month change over period was referred to as the lame duck months because they were so happy to know that someone useful was coming. It was Hoover in charge when the depression started and it was Hoover who left it to get worse who said "prosperity is just around the corner". 4 years later, and I would have hoped he gave up looking for that corner. I believe the successes were more important because many of the things Roosevelt and his 'Brains' Trust' came up with still stand today - NRA and blue eagle codes also the Wagner act. His ideas were constructive and admittedly he made some mistakes, but doesn't everybody? ...read more.

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