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What was the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth movement?

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What was the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth movement? In 1923, Adolf Hitler founded a youth group called the Hitler Youth. Hitler realised that by controlling children he would completely control the future German race. The aim of the Hitler Youth was to indoctrinate children to believe that Nazi beliefs were the only true ideas and would result in Germany becoming the greatest country in the world. They did this during school, by changing the curriculum to teach Hitler's policys and beliefs. ...read more.


The Hitler Youth was created to lure children into total devotion of Hitler. When boys joined the Hitler Youth, they were made to say a pledge which stated that they would fight and die for Germany and Hitler. Many boys joined Hitler youth as they were bored and was attracted by the range of activities and holidays which it offered. There was a programme every Sunday for the boys where they would do horse riding, motor cycling, bike rides, sports and of course the start of their military training. ...read more.


Hitler wanted to get them onto his side as they were seen as a potentional threat to the Nazi rule. Also, he wanted them to be the generation to make his dream come true. So, he bombarded them with his beliefs until they believed it to. The nature and purpose of the Hitler youth was to indoctrinate children into idolising Hitler and to believe everything he says and believes. This then gave him upmost power as he was then in control of the future. He wanted Germany to be exacely how he imagined it and knew that making the children believe the same as him would almost garuntee his perfect country. ...read more.

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