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What was the nature andpurpose of the ‘Hitler Youth Movement’?

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What was the nature and purpose of the 'Hitler Youth Movement'? The Hitler Youth Movement was set up in 1926 with one of its aims being to spread the influence of Nazi ideas. Hitler knew that he would not gain all of the adult populations support in elections so he began teaching/brainwashing children to follow Nazi ways. He believed that by indoctrinating children that he would gain their support for life and therefore creating a totalitarian state populated by the new generation. Children were even encouraged to report parents and teachers who criticised the Nazi regime. The Hitler Youth organisation was for both boys and girls but they were taught very different skills- stereotyping was also very obvious with ...read more.


At the age of 10 the boys then joined the Jungvolk in which you must swear an oath to Hitler and then finally the Hitler Youth Regime where there was a much greater influence on military discipline, this taught boys to be stronger from an earlier age therefore creating a stronger army by the time they were old enough to join. Girls however were taught to be second to the men and that they should look after their husbands and their children, they received lessons in how to keep themselves healthy and how to provide the 'ideal' home life. Before the elections in 1933 Hitler needed more people to vote for him so he began recruiting new members into the ...read more.


They were designed to convert the younger Germans the ultimate aim being to achieve total loyalty to the Nazis. It also provided a training ground for the army and there was a big demand on physical activity and military training. Another aim was to prepare girls to give birth and look after future soldiers- this was to aid the creation of a racially pure nation, an 'Aryan' nation of blonde haired and blue eyed people. This was in effect genetically engineering. The nature of this organisation seemed sincere however all that was happening was the creation of an army and the brainwashing of a nation. Eloise Lower ...read more.

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