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What was the purpose of the final solution?

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What was the purpose of the final solution? The sole purpose of the final solution was that Hitler and the Nazi's were aiming to create a master race. Hitler called this the Aryan race and he gave the SS the job of making the German people into this. The ideal Aryan race in Hitler's eyes was tall, had blond hair and blue eyes. Long before the Wansee conference, almost 10years, Hitler and the Nazi's were already discriminating and destructing the Jewish population in Germany. It wasn't just Jews they discriminated against, it was also homosexuals, gypsies and many other ethnic minority's in Germany at the time. Hitler and the Nazi's first attack on the Jewish people were to boycott their businesses. This in affect only lasted for one day because not that many people listened to Hitler's request, the German people carried on buying from Jewish business' because in most cases they were the only shops that people could buy from. Next was the Laws established to ban Jews from any job in the civil service such as teaching or being a solicitor. The Wansee conference is when the Nazis drew up plans and the organisation of the final solution to the Jewish problem. The meeting took place in Berlin in January 1942. The Nazis reviewed the possible alternatives for the removal of Jews from Germany. ...read more.


People also heard and greatly discussed what they heard through allied radio channelling. The allies talked about how many millions of Jews had been exterminated. The response from a well-known German Ludwig Haydn states, "With regard to the mass murder of Jews, the broadcasts merely confirm what we know here anyhow". Source three also tells us about a leaflet that had been dropped on Germany by the allied forces. The U.S. air force dispersed 9million copies of this leaflet, which referred to the explicit information of the mass murder of Jews in the camps, detailing greatly how this was "One of the most terrifying crimes recorded in history". Despite each of the three sources analysing different aspects of the German publics knowledge of the Final Solution they all give examples of how the German people would discover the information. Both source two and three both metion the Allies had a big part to play in how German people gained information both during and after the War. Source one on the other hand, tells of a more personalised instance where local people were affected "when the ashes from the crematoria fell, they settled on the front lawns." How reliable is the source 4 as evidence of what the German people knew about the final solution? Source four is an extract from an illegally produced pamphlet by 'the white rose,' an extremist anti-Nazi resistance movement. ...read more.


"Men and women screamed and fainted. Others were led away crying hysterically. All swore that during the past years they had no idea what had been going on in the camp just outside their town. Source 8 states that "An enormous number of ordinary, representative Germans became...Hitler's willing executioners". Use all the sources to explain whether or not you support this view. This quotation is partly true. An enormous number of people did become "Hitler's willing executioners"; we learn this through source 3. In source 3 it tells of the SS man who openly talked and somewhat boasted about the number of Jews being killed every week in the camp where he worked. It tells us he "Openly boasted about the liquidation of the Jews". This kind of behaviour shows us that a man was willing to carry out such crimes as murder and even go on to boast makes it worse because executing and murdering a great number of people is not done by an ordinary, representative German. In source 1 we learn how people were not willing executioners. This is because we hear of the workers at an extermination camp being told "Keep quiet about this or face the death penalty" by a senior soldier. This is obviously not the sort of language someone would be using to a "willing executioner". These people were obviously afraid by what they seen and were later probably made to dispense of the body's. ...read more.

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