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What was the Schlieffen Plan and why did it Fail?

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What was the Schlieffen Plan and why did it Fail? General Von Schlieffen devised the Schlieffen plan in 1905. Its aim was for Germany not to have to fight on two fronts, France and Russia. The Germans planned to take France in 6 weeks, then more on to Russia. Schlieffen gambled that that Russia would take 12 weeks to mobilise their army. General Von Schlieffen , split the army into one army would attack France from the north and one from the south. The northern army was 10 times bigger than the southern. It was planned that the southern army would attack first, making the French move down to stop the attack. ...read more.


On paper this was a good plan but in motion the plan had to many holes. There are many reasons the Schlieffen Plan failed. The first reason is that, General Von Schlieffen died in 1913 and Von Moultke took over, Von Moultke lacked General Von Schlieffen s nerve and feared that the southern army would be driven back into Germany. He decided to change the ratio from 10:1 to 10:4 by reducing the size of the northern army. The stronger southern army now drove the French army back. This meant fewer troops were away from Paris. This wasn't the only problem, there was trouble in the north. ...read more.


In the end Von Moultke sent a telegraph to the German king, William, ' Your Majesty Germany have lost the war' This was true but it took another four years for the king to believe him. Both sides then built trenches and then battled it out whilst stationary. I conclude that the Schlieffen plan failed mainly because the Belgians put up a fight taking crucial time needed by the germens, the Russians mobilised quicker than expected, and the plan was changed, because of this Germany 's army simply wasn't strong enough. It look like a great plan in motion, however in practice it wasn't so great. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Limebear 10sv Mrs Mansell 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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