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What was the significance of the Four Year Plan in terms of understanding Nazi economic structure?"

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What was the significance of the Four Year Plan in terms of understanding Nazi economic structure?" Before Hitler and his economic policy, Germany had just suffered from the collapse of world trade as a result of the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Germany had already been facing low economic status and this only contributed to its problems such as unemployment, poverty and homelessness. To tackle these problems Hitler placed Hjalmar Schacht in the position Minister of Economics in 1935. Hjalmar Schacht supported the public works programs and the construction of the Autobahn in an attempt to improve unemployment. Schacht also found an innovative solution to the problem of the government deficit following the raise in welfare claims due to mass unemployment by using mefo bills to fund government run projects. ...read more.


They created the campaign of guns or butter with the slogan "Guns will make us strong, butter will only make us fat." This campaign became infamous and saw the beginning of the rearmament programme put forward by the radical mind of Goring. This lead Germany into a peacetime war economy and this was in an effort to train a workforce for war. The Four Year Plan included a public works project, this was headed by Fritz Todt. Germany needed to become motorised and there was an immediate need for autobahns. The project's achievements rivaled Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal both in size and scope. Another source of inspiration for the plan was the USSR's Five Year Plan, which provided many ideas as the plan itself was just ending by the time the German equivalent began. ...read more.


Germany was not permitted an air force. Finally, Germany was explicitly required to retain all enlisted men for 12 years and all officers for 25 years, so that only a limited number of men would have military training. In the last war germany had been"starved out " by the allies i.e they had stopped trade or suplies entering Germany and the four year plan promissed to stop this from happening again. Giving Germany a better chance of winning a war. In terms of understanding nazi economy the four year plan was very significant as it tells us of how the war was planned and not just a snap decision as it was previously conceived. The four year plan allowed Hitler to make a war with the allies and without it he would have failed due to the lack of resources. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michaella smith 12JH Mr Llywelyn German History ...read more.

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