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What were the causes of the Second World War?

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What were the causes of the Second World War? There are a lot of causes for the Second World War. It cannot be justified by saying that it was only due to one thing. The causes I will be explaining are the Treaty of Versailles, the depression, Hitler's foreign policy, America, the failures of the League of Nations, appeasement and Russia. The treaty of Versailles is a cause of the Second World War because of a few reasons. It was too harsh on Germany, so they naturally wanted revenge. Some of the things in the treaty which Germany didn't like were mainly the ones which involved land being taken away, demilitarisation and the reparations. The land which was taken away from Germany included the Sudentenland and the Polish Corridor. These two were the main ones which the Germans objected to. This is because the Polish Corridor was where Germanys only port was and the Sudentenland was where the rich, mountainous, industrial land was. The demilitarisation was for the Rhineland and the army had to be restricted to 100,000 men. ...read more.


He wanted lebensraum and to go against the Treaty of Versailles. He wanted more lebensraum because he was going towards the idea of making a greater Germany. He did this by rearming and introducing conscription. He reoccupied the Rhineland and he remilitarised it. Also he made an Anschluss with Austria and so there was, in effect, a wall through Europe. He then worked on taking over the Sudentenland so that he could easily take over Czechoslovakia. When Hitler signed the Nazi-soviet pact he did it so that he could take back the Polish Corridor and could then invade Poland. This was working towards the idea of a greater Germany. He used aggression to achieve his aims because he noticed that when other countries used aggression, nothing was said. His taking over of countries, using aggression is called aggressive expansion. America is another cause of the Second World War. They didn't sign the Treaty of Versailles, and they never joined the League of Nations. So the most powerful country, at the time, had no influence in European affairs. ...read more.


Also the Munich agreement gave Hitler more confidence to take over other countries because he tried to take over a country and he, instead of being punished was given the thing he wanted. He thought that this was good because he was being rewarded for being aggressive. He now thought that aggression would be rewarded in the future. In conclusion each of these causes intertwines to create a bigger cause. For example if it weren't for the treaty being so harsh, Germany might not have been in so much trouble and so might not have needed to vote Hitler in to try to help them. And if Hitler hadn't been voted in then maybe his foreign policies of lebensraum would not have been acted upon and he would not have tried to take over the countries. Also if America had signed the treaty of Versailles then it wouldn't have been so harsh and Germany wouldn't have wanted revenge. If America had been a member of the League of Nations then maybe it would have been stronger and gotten things done quicker. Overall none of these causes is solely to blame. Because without one the others would not have been as successive. Alana Godfrey 10jsa ...read more.

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