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What were the causes of World War 2?

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What were the causes of World War 2? Historians say that there are many causes for the Second World War. They disagree about which causes were most important. In this essay I plan to discuss the causes, and then conclude with my opinion of the most important cause of World War. Some historians say that Hitler's words and actions were the cause of the war, others say it was Chamberlain's policy of appeasement. Historians say that Hitler's first step towards causing the war was the Rearmament of Germany. Hitler introduced conscription to every able man and opened munitions factories. At first Hitler did it in secret but soon he decided to do it openly. This was against the Treaty Of Versailles. Even though the French knew that this was breaking The Treaty they did nothing to stop it. Britain actually felt sympathetic towards Germany and signed an Anglo-German Naval Treaty. This allowed Germany to have a navy 35% the size of the Royal Navy in Britain. Hitler, now feeling confident that he had broken The Treaty once and was successful, went on the Remilitarize the Rhineland. On the 7th of March 1936, Hitler marched in 30,000 troops. ...read more.


Others say that Hitler was appeased because Britain needed time to re-arm, and prepare for war because she had disarmed after World War One. At the time nearly everyone agreed with Chamberlains policy of appeasing, since he believed that all Hitler was trying to do was unite all German speakers and that Hitler didn't want war. Only a few people, like Churchill disagreed with Chamberlains policy because of what was written in Hitler's book, Mein Kampf. In the book Hitler had written that Germany must regain all lands 'in the East... by the power of the sword'. The Anschluss of Germany and Austria took place in 1938. The Treaty Of Versailles also forbade this but again Britain and France decided to ignore it and not take any action. In the beginning the Austrian Chancellor wanted Austria to be independent, but Austrian Fascists wanted to unite with Germany. The Chancellor was unable to gain support from France so he decided to meet with Hitler in Berlin. Hitler persuaded The Chancellor to accept one of Hitler's henchmen as Minister of the Interior. ...read more.


The failure of The League of Nations contributed to the causes of World War 2 because Hitler saw Mussolini, and Italian dictator, getting away with aggression in Africa and this could have helped assure Hitler that he would be able to get away with anything he wanted to do. Out of all the above stated reasons I think the most important reason was the Isolation Policy of America. I think that this was the cause of all the problems. America not being part of the League of Nations caused The League to fail since America was the only single country powerful enough to run The League properly. The downfall of The League caused Mussolini to get away with the invasion in Africa, which could have helped prove to Hitler that The League was too weak to stop him. This sort of thinking would have caused him to break the rules of The Treaty of Versailles, in which Chamberlain desperately tried to prevent war by appeasing Hitler, but I think that Hitler just took this as a sign of weakness from Britain's side instead of an agreement to prevent war. By Amirah ...read more.

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