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What were the Effects of the Great Depression in America?

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James Levine What were the Effects of the Great Depression in America? The great depression affected two main groups: the urban and the rural Americans. The urban Americans weren't really affected much by the Great Depression. If any were, they would have been affected by the Wall Street Crash but many rich people converted and held their wealth with assets such as gold or properties. A visitor from out of town even said 'you couldn't feel a difference and life was just about the same as pre depression days'. ...read more.


They felt there was no point harvesting crops, as the care of the crops cost more than the what the profit would be and so they decided not to sell but with no money to buy basic goods, such as food, they went hungry very quickly. In a desperate struggle to quick cash to live on, many people either sold farms out of their own will or had to give farms to banks for money owed. ...read more.


His legs were scarcely any larger than a medium sized dog's leg'. This shows us just how desperate, hungry and poor families became and how serious it was. In conclusion, the urban population was better off, yet this only applied to the rich. In the countryside I have already clearly stated how bad the conditions were and who suffered. You can therefore make the overall conclusion that everyone was concerned, though farmers were more greatly affected in the country-side and many middle-class people were affected in the urban life. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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