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What were the main factors that contributed to Hitler becoming chancellor in January 1933?

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What were the main factors that contributed to Hitler becoming chancellor in January 1933? Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in on the 20th of April 1889 in the Austrian village of Braunau am inn. He left school at 16 and tried to get into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but failed as he lacked the necessary talent to get in. When the First World War broke out Hitler joined the army as a messenger on the western front. He was awarded the Iron Cross twice. Hitler, like a lot of Germans believed that surrender to the allies in November 1918 was unnecessary, and that they could have continued the war. ...read more.


It was made up of mostly young unemployed males trying to find a scene of belonging. They were used to brake up meetings being held by other parties such as the communists. They also played an important role in the attempt to seize power in the Munich Putsch. On 8th November 1923 a meeting being held by Gustav Von Karr was taking part in the Munich beer halls was interrupted by Hitler who announced that he was going to take over the government of Bavaria. By the following day Hitler had gathered 3,000 supporters in the centre of Munich, only to be broken up by the Bavarian police, 16 Nazis were killed and the putsch failed. ...read more.


Hitler was released in December 1924 to find that during his time in prison the Nazi party had become divided and was arguing amongst its self. In 1926 Hitler set up the Hitler Youth movement. This was a group like the guides or scouts. They hiked, camped and were introduced to Hitler's ideas. In 1929 Wall Street crashed and American investors started to pull back their loans, crippling Germany. Unemployment reached 5.5 million people and the 5 major banks collapsed. After this the government started increased usage of article 48. After 3 more unsuccessful and short-lived chancellors Hitler became chancellor with the help of Von Papen who proffered Hitler to his rival Schleicher and would also be made Vice-chancellor. Von Papen had persuaded Hindenberg into Hitler's appointment thinking that he could be controlled and made to follow Hindenberg's ideas. ...read more.

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