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What were the main results of the break from Rome?

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What were the main results of the break from Rome? The reason Henry VIII wanted to break from Rome was that he wanted an annulment with his wife Catherine of Aragon because she could not bare him a male heir. However, the Pope would not allow Henry to get divorced. Henry then decided to break with Rome and make a new religion called Protestant in which he was Head of The Church Of England. Anyone who disputed him being head of the church were either dismissed from office, imprisoned or executed. Sir Thomas More was one of the people who refused to change religion and he was beheaded at Tower Hill in 1535. One result of Henry's break from Rome was his relationship with Spain and France. ...read more.


Some opposition rebels, led by Robert Aske were against the closure of the Monasteries and marched, with 30,000 men, against the King. Henry was shocked by this outbreak because no one had questioned his authority before. Another result of Henry's break with Rome was that Henry didn't like the way the bible was printed in Latin because nobody except learned could read it so he had it printed in English. In 1536, Cromwell introduced the Act of the Ten Articles was passed which changed the Catholic sacraments to Protestant ones. He also abolished Holy Days which was not a popular move as many people only had these days off work. ...read more.


In 1554 she married King Phillip of Spain and the country was concerned that England would become a Spanish province. She had the Pope reinstated as the Head of the English Church, church services were again held in Latin, the Protestant Prayer Book was banned and priests were forbidden from marrying. The people who refused to renounce the new religion were persecuted. Many were burned at the stake. The most famous of these was Thomas Cranmer who had been Archbishop of Canterbury under the rule of Henry VIII and Edward VI. She is known as "Bloody Mary" for her actions. Mary died in 1558 with no heir. When Elizabeth became Queen in 1558, the country was in turmoil. The Catholics and Protestants had created a bitter divide that was tearing the nation apart she was to bring an end to the religious strife. ...read more.

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