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What were the motives of the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks on the USA?

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What are the motives of the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks on the USA? Terrorism is the use of pre-meditated, unlawful violence by an organised group against a person or place with the objective of intimidating, coercing and threatening governments or societies, often for political or ideological reasons. One of the most well known terrorist organisations is an Islamic group called Al Qaeda. Lead by Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda's objectives include the end of foreign influence in Muslim Countries and the creation of a new Islamic caliphate. During the morning rush hour of September 11th 2001, four American planes were hijacked by the terrorist group Al Qaeda. The hijackers intentionally impacted two of the four planes into the World Trade Centres Twin Towers. Another of the planes flew into the Pentagon, headquarters of the department of defence. The final airliner crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, destination unknown. At one minute to eight, the morning of the attacks, American Airlines Flight 11 departed Boston Logan Airport heading for Los Angeles International Airport, however only 47 minutes after departure, 08:46am, the plane hit the World Trade Centres North Tower between the 94th and 98th floors. ...read more.


gave way just from pressure of fire and heat, bombs would have to be placed on the floors that went off when the plane impacted. In addition, some dismiss the idea of co-ordinated terrorist attacks and blame the USA, who - they think - had attacked their own citizens for a reason to invade the Middle East to gain oil, however, I am going to dismiss these as there is not enough evidence to support it, and also Osama Bin Laden has admitted that is was Al Qaeda who perpetrated the attacks. One of the main motives behind the 9/11 attacks is American involvement in the Middle Eastern countries. During the Roman Empire, Palestine was formally known as Judea; which at this point in time was populated largely by Jews, and was occupied by the Romans as part of their Empire. The Jews fought a terrorist campaign to rid the land of Romans. The Roman Empire adapted Christianity as their official religion and by the 12th century Christianity had spread north into Europe. However, the dominant religion of the Middle East was Islam. ...read more.


Furthermore, flying planes into landmarks was the only effective weapon as the USA has a huge army and means of nuclear and destructive weapons. Lastly, a hardly considered motive; publicity would grab the attention of the world and make Arab/Muslim grievances heard. In conclusion, it is difficult to establish one main motive for the terrorist attacks on America; this is because combinations of motivations are identified from a build up of tension and hostility over hundreds of years. These motives can be linked by the Israeli and Arab (Palestinians) war, who are fighting over the land that is sacred two three major religions. In addition Americas support in Israel over palatine mean the Palestinians feel let down by the rest of the world. Also, the USA's military bases across Saudi Arabs intimidate Muslims who are supposed to visit the sacred sight Mecca (in Saudi Arabia), at least once a year. Moreover Saudi Arabia supply oil to the Americans who in return provide weapons, this is frowned upon as it could better the Arab and Muslim countries with an improved economy. To conclude, I believe these motives combined together is the main motive of the terrorists who carried out the September 11 attacks on the USA. ...read more.

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