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What were the problems of living in a newly set-up town in the West?

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What were the Problems of Living in a Newly Set-Up Town in the West: GCSE History Coursework? As people became attracted to new towns in the West, social problems began with transport infrastructure, as well as a lack of building supplies and sewers. A source of water was also needed. There was no concept of town planning, as people could just build wherever it suited them. The buildings were only designed for shelter and ready utility, with a great lack of symmetry or style, giving the town an overall poor appearance. Cities that suffered from the "boom and bust" were the main victims of this. ...read more.


Cattle and domestic livestock wandered freely in the streets, and the smell was very unpleasant. Dodge City became a big business town for its buffalo, and as cowmen poured in, soon the American bison was nearly lead to extinction. Problems with law and order in new towns, especially cow towns, like Abilene, were endless. There were no reliable authorities, and in fact some of the sheriffs were actually criminals themselves. There was a shortage of reliable law enforcement officers and politicians, and none of the authorities considered the issue important enough to spend money on. This lack of reliable authorities made it hard for newcomers to resist moving into the town since they were free to do whatever they wanted and get away with it, which is why there were many outlaws and feared gunfighters. ...read more.


Since there weren't enough judges for each territory, prisoners were sometimes lynched before a trial could take place. As long as the other man had a gun, one could claim self-defense. The conflicts occurred between many different groups. Different ethnic divisions, and the Union ex-soldiers and the Confederacy were the most common, as the civil war had just ended. Gambling and prostitutes became a common form of entertainment that wages were spent on. Soon towns were full of saloons and gambling halls, which the respectable side of town detested. The number of prostitutes also grew greatly. Dodge City suffered from this when cowboys began to pour into it. It soon became known as the city with very rough men and the place where whisky was the only drink sold. It had a great reputation for lawlessness. ...read more.

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