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Which event had the greater effect on the relationship

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Which event had the greater effect on the relationship between the USA and the USSR, The U2 incident in 1960 or the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961?. The relationship between USA and USSR ha become a lot more tense after WW2 ended in 1945.From 1945 to 1968 USA and USSR have been in a technology missiles war, these two are called The Nuclear Arms Race and The Space Race. However Two causes stand out to having a big participation on the strain of USA and Ussr's rivalry; The u2 incident in 1960 and The building of the Berlin Wall in 1961. The Arms Race and The Space Race gradually continued from 1956 to 1960.At the beginning of 1960 there was a chance that the thaw might begin again .President Eisenhower (USA) First secretary Khrushchev (soviet union) President De Gaulle (France) Prime minister Macmillan (Great Britain) arranged a meeting in Paris to hopefully patch up the differences between capitalism and communism and then maybe gradually have a period of friendly relations and peace. ...read more.


The Americans tried to cover up what had happened by saying the U2 was a research plane and not a 'spy in the sky' plane. Some other excuses were that it was studying the weather conditions and not military bases and that it had disappeared over Turkey and not over the Soviet Union. However the Americans didn't know that the plane had been recover, Gary powers had been captured and had admitted to being a spy and the soviet union had also captured thousands of pictures. The Soviet Union demanded an apology on 7th May, however Eisenhower refused to apologise claiming he had to do whatever would stop his country suffering from a surprise attack. The Cold War carried on as Khrushchev stormed out of the meeting and cancelled an invitation to President Eisenhower allowing him to visit the Soviet Union. The relationship between USA and USSR had just become a lot worse as there was more conflict due to the u2 incident this had just made USA and USSR drift further apart and therefore destroy any near future chance of peace. ...read more.


Even though the U2 incident in 1960 had a big effect on the relationship between the USA and USSR, It was jut the beginning and had made the soviets more aware of USA and in General Capitalists. The Building of the Berlin Wall however finalised the bigger effect on the two countries. The Americans asked 'If communism was so good why did they have to build a barrier to cage people in?' President Kennedy visited West Berlin and showed how USA is committed to the people of West Berlin. The Soviet Union was furious and saw this as a deliberate attempt to cause trouble. Also USSR felt more embarrassed as up to 1961 over 2 million people left East Berlin for West Berlin .The message that was spread due to this was that communism wasn't working. This was the event that had the greater effect on the relationship between USA and USSR as USSR wanted revenge and the relationship became more vulgar towards each other. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tasha Cooke. ...read more.

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