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Which historical event do you believe changed England the most? (The English civil war or the glorious revolution)

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Which historical event do you believe changed England the most? (The English civil war or the glorious revolution) In this assignment, I will state which of the historical events I think changed England the most. I will write different reasons such as economic, religious or political for each event and then finally conclude on my decision. I will use evidence from different sources and carefully study the amount of impact the events had on England. Many factors lead to the outbreak of the civil war in 1642; I think the two biggest reasons were taxation and religion. Charles asked for money but unsurprisingly parliament refused. A lot of this money was spent on for his own amusement such as paintings and garments. Charles had to ask a tax called ship money which people were forced to pay. The king didn't need parliament's agreement for this which would have made them very irritated. Charles believed in the divine right of kings. ...read more.


So I conclude, I think that the effects of the civil war had a lot of change. Many people despised Oliver Cromwell because of his ruthless ways and I think many people were forced to obey him as they were too scared to object. Oliver Cromwell became England's new leader but I think the people of England will have lost faith in any leader after the incidents that happened to them. The monarch was at last brought back and this is what led to the glorious revolution. The glorious revolution occurred after the civil war in 1688. The main cause of the glorious revolution was William and Mary was invited by parliament to rule and they agreed. Charles did not have an heir so his brother had to become king. James was a catholic and the people of England wanted a protestant monarch. This made Parliament ask William and Mary to come and help. When James heard the news he fled to Scotland and William and Mary became the new rulers of England. ...read more.


After the way people were treated in the civil war, now they had much more of a say and it felt like their opinion was counted. In an overall conclusion on which event I believe changed England the most I think the glorious revolution. The glorious revolution would never have happened without the civil war consequently they could be both important. But I think that the glorious revolution still carries on today. The act of settlement states that all rulers must be protestant and therefore Camilla can never be queen. In the civil war the people of England were treated very badly and had to build back their lives up again. At least in the glorious revolution it didn't affect the people as much. Both of these events are factors to Britain and how it is today and some reasons are still on going today. The glorious revolution was in a way finishing off the business from the civil war. It finally marked the end of the long going civil war and I think this was the start of England's developing and expanding it self for the better. ...read more.

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