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Which of these Sources is most useful to an Historian studying the deaths of the Tsar and his family?

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Which of these Sources is most useful to an Historian studying the deaths of the Tsar and his family? Source F is a photograph of the basement room where the family murders are supposed to have taken place. Photo graphs are usually useful to a historian as he is able to interpret independently what happened. He can deduct from the picture that there was shooting as he can see that there are bullet holes in the wall. This is useful to the historian studying the deaths of the Tsar and his family as he can see exactly how they were killed. The photograph is made more reliable as it is supported by other sources: A, B and C as they all agree that the victims were killed by "shooting" and in the "basement". Source F is further supported by both picture sources, G and H. Source G is a painting of the deaths of the Imperial family, based on D, the investigation carried out by the Whites Source G supports F in that it shows that the shooting took place in the same room (we can tell this, as the door and the walls are in the same position) ...read more.


However this Source would be useful to the historian studying the deaths as he can see how they died, and their relative positions. It is supported by both Sources F and G in some aspects as it shows that shooting took place, and that the positions are the same- i.e. by the storeroom. It is supported by both source A and B as it shows the Tsar "kneeling down" like it says in Source B and also that some of the family were not killed their as the Tsarina and the daughters don't look as if they are being shot at in Source G. Source H is a diagram of Room the Romanov family were killed and their positions from a book written by Judge Sokolov. It might not be accurate as he wasn't there himself. It is not very useful to the Historian studying their deaths as it doesn't indicate who exactly was killed (if they were killed) and who is who, it only shows a general picture with the black dots being representative of everyone: the doctor, the maid, the servants and the family, it would be unuseful for the historian studying the Tsar and his family's death, as he would not be able to differentiate between The maids position or the Tsars position. ...read more.


also, he cannot have obtained this information from D. It is also unclear exactly who was shot, or whether there were any survivors as Source A suggests. Out of all these sources However, Source F would have been the most useful to the Historian studying the Tsar and the family's deaths. This is because it is a photograph so there is no chance of bias or lying: he can see for himself exactly what happened, though one photograph can be interpreted in different ways. It is supported by 5 sources making it very credible and reliable for the Historian if he was using it as a source. Source F also establishes the method applied, i.e. shooting. But like sources G and H this source is ambiguous as it does not identify who the victims were (if there were any) It is only "claimed" that the Tsar and the Royal family were killed here. I believe that none of these Sources can be useful to the Historian studying the Deaths of the Tsar and the Royal Family on their own, however they could be used in support of or reinforcement of other sources and accounts of the Tsar and the Families murder. ?? ?? ?? ?? History-Hareem Bhatti-Sutton Grammar school 1 Hareem Bhatti 10v ...read more.

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