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Which one of these two sources do you trust more? The Battle of the Somme.

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Study source's B and C. Which one of these two sources do you trust more? Source B is in 2 parts which are both written by Haig; a day before the battle and the day of the battle. Source C on the other hand was written a few years after the battle by Private George Coppard. I personally believe source C is a trustworthy source because some statements Haig wrote were just not true from my background knowledge. A good example of this is when Haig (in source B) says: "Very successful attack this morning". I don't see how this statement can be true and can be said about a day where 20,000 men were killed with 57000 casualties. ...read more.


But how could he tell what was going on when he was 40 miles away from the front line ? This is the main point why I believe source C is more reliable as Private George Coppard was actually in The Battle of the Somme. His views could differ a bit due the fact he wrote the source a few years later with a vaguer memory. Source seems to be written to justify that the battle was different as he seems to question Haig while Haig seems to have justified how well the battle was going maybe to keep spirits high. Haig was always very cut off from the battle so he would not have had a very good picture of the ?situation this maybe why a lot of his statements on source B were incorrect as communication. ...read more.


In addition, the private may have felt resentment towards Haig for sending him into a battle where so many of his colleagues died. He may have exaggerated the amount of wire that was there. Can Haigs source be trusted in anyway though? People may believe that Haigs source is more reliable as he is meant to be a powerful leader ( so people trust him not to lie). He also wrote this closer to the time of the battle (1st July 1916). It wasn't his job to car though it was job to keep spirits high. As long as you died killing, a German he would not care which can be seen in source A. Source B shows a calmly controlled version while source C shows a chaotic version. However, why is there such a contrast between the sources? ...read more.

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