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Which Religion Did More to Help or Hinder Medicine - Islam or Christianity?

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Which Religion Did More to Help or Hinder Medicine - Islam or Christianity? Christianity Helping Christianity Helped Medicine by aiding to Public Health measures by purifying the water. Christians also helped Medicine by opening medical universities and followed old manuscripts on the works on Galen. Christians also cared fro the sick in hospitals. Hindering Christians Hindered Medicine by not searching for effective treatments because they believed that God was the healer and did not believe in medical treatments. Christians Hindered Medicine by not easily allowing the licensing of healers, Men could become qualified Doctors but Women could not become qualified Doctors, Midwives had to gain licenses, follow apprenticeships. Another way Christians Hindered Medicine was by not explaining Diseases appropriately for example they said that bodies had out of balance 'humours', the Sun and Planets and the God and Devil were reasons for Disease. ...read more.


There was also a kitchen that prepared special diets for patients and wards where convalescent (recovering) patients could stay there as long as they wanted. Islam Helped Medicine by training doctors by training doctors in the many hospitals available which had a wide variety of ways to help them study to become Doctors for example there were libraries, lectures halls and the kitchens prepared special diets for patients and wards. Islam Helped Medicine by spreading their knowledge of medicine by maintaining good libraries which students and alike could use as a good resource to keep up to date with Medicine and Arab scholars translated the work of Galen and Hippocrates into Arabic and these were studied by medical students. Arab doctors also increased knowledge by learning from Indian and Persian doctors. Islam Helped Medicine by making sure Public health was up to standard by opening many hospitals in which they checked public health. ...read more.


Conclusion In Conclusion to the question 'Which Religion Did More to Help or Hinder Medicine - Islam or Christianity?' In my opinion I believe Islam helped Medicine more and Christianity Hindered Medicine more because of the points I have stated above and Islam did not worry with sending people to prison over even discussing new ideas contradicting the likes of Galen ,but it just went against the Koran to criticise other works and books, Islam had far more hospitals in Baghdad alone there were 60 in Medieval England over 1200hosipitals have been identified but only 10% care for the sick unlike all the hospitals of Islam population cared for the sick and were not just for 'hospitality'. Islamic Hospitals had libraries, Lectures Halls, unlike Christian based hospitals in my opinion the points I have listed above clearly state that Islam Helped Medicine more rather than Christianity Hindered Medicine more. ...read more.

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