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Who do you believe built Castell Morgraig?

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Who do you believe built Castell Morgraig? Coursework Most castles in Wales have well documented histories, enabling historians to figure out who built them, where they were built, and what purpose they served. However, some castles remain a mystery with few or no written records such as Castell Morgraig. Over the years, since its discovery in 1895, Morgraig has been a subject of fierce historical debate. Due to the castle being in such a bad state of repair when found, many archaeologists found it impossible to determine who built it; and since then, many historians have come to their own conclusions. The castle was built right on the border between Welsh and Norman lands, and therefore could have been useful for both sides to have. For example, Thomas Gill states: "Either the Welsh or the English could have made use of a castle on this site". On balance, Most evidence suggests that Castell Morgraig was Wesh built because of the location it has been built in and its style of build. ...read more.


John Owen says, "The four flanking towers at Morgraig are typically Welsh D - shaped apsidal towers...Their presence at Morgraig indicates a North Welsh influence". Evidence also suggests that Morgraig was welsh built due to poor workmanship on the castle. This was usual for the Welsh but not expected of the Normans who had far better skilled craftsmen. J.G Owens says, "I find it difficult to believe that an English Mason would produce such poor quality". Most Welsh castles have ditches around them, but when Morgraig was Discovered there were none. This has been used as an argument to suggest the castle was Norman, but although a ditch would provide defence, it would also make constructing the castle very difficult, as Morgraig was built on the uneven crest of a ridge. Also, the ditches might have been never added to the site, simply because it was never finished. Castle Morgraig was built with Sutton stone and many historians debate fiercely that Sutton stone would have been impossible to transport from Norman controlled land all the way in Ogmore. ...read more.


Many historians also believe that the location would have been an ideal place to plan attacks and see invading Norman enemies from miles away; even across the Bristol Channel. There is a large possibility that the castle was built in order to defend the Welsh border and stop any Normans coming into Glamorgan. The castle could also have been built in order to control what goods left and came into Welsh territory. Many historians argue that Morgraig could have been built as a political statement, a symbol of Llewelyn ap Gruffudd's growing power or even as a symbolic statement to challenge the power of the de Clares who were great enemies of the Welsh and of Llewelyn at this time. J.Owens states, "In my opinion the establishment of a castle at Morgraig was a political statement by the Lords of Senghennydd to define their Southern boundary''. In conclusion, most evidence suggests that the welsh built Castell Morgraig. It is probable that Prince Llewelyn ap Gruffudd built it as a base of attack and to watch over Norman controlled Cardiff. ...read more.

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