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Who is blamed for Kennedy's death in Source A and do the other sources confirm or contradict this?

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Who is blamed for Kennedy's death in Source A and do the other sources confirm or contradict this? After JFk was assassinated the American Government appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to head an inquiry into Kennedy's death. They did this so as to end rumours of conspiracy theories within the government. The Warren Commission report was presented on the 27th of September 1964. It concluded that there three bullets fired at Kennedy from the School Book Depository behind the motorcade and that the shots were fired by a lone gun man named Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who worked in the Book Depository. They came to this conclusion from the following pieces of evidence. A bullet was found on Governor Connally's stretcher almost completely unmarked and the Warren Commission stated that it was: 'Fired from the 6.5millimeter Mannlicher-Carcano found on the sixth floor of the Depository building'. The Warren Commission came to the three bullet conclusion as there were: 'Three used cartridge cases found near the window of the sixth floor' and all three 'were fired from the same rifle as the one on Connally's stretcher' states the Warren commission. ...read more.


However it does suggest the possibility of there being a conspiracy. I will now consider the content of source C, to see whether or not it contradicts or confirms source A. Source C contains extracts from the book 'the Kennedy File', written about the Kennedy assassination and published in 1983. This source consists of four different eye witness accounts of the assassination. The first eye witness account came from a woman named Jean Hill, a schoolteacher who was standing near the motorcade at the time of the shooting. She claimed: 'I heard four to six shots...they weren't echoes...they were different guns that were being fired'. This quote contradicts the idea of a lone gun man and backs up the suggestion of more than three shots and a conspiracy. The next account came from a young soldier called Gordon Arnold, who was standing on the Grassy Knoll. His evidence also suggests a conspiracy theory, claiming: 'The shot cam form behind me'. Carolyn Arnold, a woman who worked as a secretary in the book depository, places Oswald in the Book Depository, stating in her account: 'A quarter of an hour before the assassination I went into the lunchroom...Oswald was sitting in one of the booth seats'. ...read more.


For example the presidential limousine was washed and rebuilt straight after the assassination and it couldn't be properly examined. This was also the case with Connally's clothes which were washed within days of the assassination and when the Senate Select Committee went to examine Kennedy's brain, not only it had gone missing but so had any records of the examination that had been performed on it. Another incident that incriminated the American Government according to the film was that only Government pathologists were allowed to examine the body and the head of that autopsy went on record stating that he was not allowed to properly examine the body, making him unable to determine exactly what happened. Looking at these sources we can see that sources B and C do agree with source A; the Warren Commission to the extent of the fact that at least one bullet was fired from the Book Depository and that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in the shooting. However it does suggest that there were in fact more bullets and therefore another gun, constituting a conspiracy. Source G on the other hand disagrees completely with source A, insinuating that the Government were involved in the assassination and suggesting that Lee Harvey Oswald was not actually involved and was framed. Melanie Lloyd 5x Mr Thompson ...read more.

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