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Who sank the Titanic?

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´╗┐Who sunk the Titanic? 1911 April 14th A disaster struck that would claim 1514 lives. Under the icy seas of the Atlantic the Titanic rests on the seabed with the souls of those unfortunates who lost their lives. 1900's the turn of the new century Europe was in a shipbuilding frenzy company?s strived to out do each other by building bigger and more luxurious ships than before. One of such company?s was the White Star Line. 1909 Bruce Ismay the owner of White Star Line ordered the construction of three Olympic class luxury cruisers. The shipbuilding company Harland and Wolf agreed to construct this titanic order. Thomas Andrews the ship designer set about in drawing the schematics for the Olympic class liners. Thus the Titanic began constructions besides her sister ship the Olympic. 1911 the Titanic was launched in April 10th the ship sailed to Liverpool. Proclaimed to be unsinkable the Titanic was reckoned to be invulnerable, but yet the Titanic suffered perhaps the worst maritime disaster. Was this because of bad engineering or shoddy seamanship? Or because of company greed? Of the many suspects 5 of them seem the most likely. ...read more.


Bruce Ismay the owner of The White Star Line proclaimed the Titanic was unsinkable. Using the logic size means safety Ismays company advertised that their Olympic class liners can withstand anything that nature can throw at it. Ismay also had to beat his rivalling company's and the only way to beat them was to build the biggest, fastest and most luxurious ship. Ismay may have patronised Capitan Smith on the voyage to break a speed record on crossing the Atlantic, this may have pushed Capitan Smith into making rash decisions. Because on the 13th of April an eye witness states that the Capitan and Ismay were arguing. Ismay already caused a few deaths of his own. The Titanic was supposed to have 32 life boats, Ismay cut the total down to 20 for purely aesthetic reasons. 1025 people were dead men walking. Again Ismay may not have been responsible in the sinking of the Titanic. The White Star Line had to secure a reputation for safe ships or otherwise The White Star Line would be out of business. Because who would want to sail on a liner that would sink? ...read more.


I think that it was mainly Capitan Smiths fault that the Titanic sank. Smith may had been a experienced sailor and a man with a future but he had been careless. Smith had ignored the last 7 iceberg warnings and his arrogance and misplaced trust into the Titanic?s ability's . On a ship the Capitan is the lord and master of the ship. People may outrank him but on his ship he is god and master. No man can counterman him. Perhaps Bruce Ismay patronised him to rash decisions but this just shows the lack of fortitude in his character. On the night of April the 14th 1911 Capitan Smith made a choice, he could have been influenced but he made that choice and by doing so he dammed 1517 lives to the bottom. But a the very end Capitan Smith redeemed himself and his name by going down with his ship. Every suspect contributed to the sinking of the Titanic. And on the cold night of April the 14th Capitan Smith played the last card. On the bottom of the cold Atlantic sea rests one of the most epic legacy of human failure the Titanic and the remains of the 1514 dead. Wooji Choi 9GH ...read more.

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