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Who was Adolf Hitler ?Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and became Chancellor of Germany.

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Who was Adolf Hitler ? Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and became Chancellor of Germany. Later he succeeded on becoming a dictator of Germany. A dictator is someone who has absolute power to run a country. The German people believed that he was their savoir. To get people to believe his ideas, he created propaganda. His family His father was Alois Hitler. He was very strict and used to beat his son. His mother Klara Hitler was very nice and tended to spoil her son. Adolf had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. They all died of diseases except for Adolf and his sister Paula who survived to become adults. His father died when Adolf was 13. His father was a senior customs official and wanted his son to do well in life. His background He was born in Branau in Austria and was very popular at his school. He has always been a top student but when he transferred to another school, his grades started to slip, he was doing very badly and had less friends. ...read more.


Women in Germany found Hitler's bachelor image attractive and this helped win him votes during elections. It was for this reason that Eva Braun was never seen in public with Hitler Living in Vienna He got ashamed that he failed entrance to Vienna Academy of Arts and stayed in Vienna pretending he was an art student because he did not want to tell anyone. He became homeless and roamed the streets of Vienna admiring fine architectures. While living in Vienna, he made a bit of fortune by selling his paintings. His experience in Vienna shaped his political thinking and made him racist to Jewish people. Outbreak of WW1 Hitler was given a job of a dispatch runner. A dispatch runner was a dangerous job because it involved carrying messages from regimental headquarters to the front line. His task was to carry messages to officers behind the front line, and then return to the front line with orders. Hitler liked being in the Army and thought it was exciting fighting in the war. ...read more.


But his Nazi publisher shortened it to My Struggle. The book is about his youth, early days in the Nazi Party, future plans for Germany, and ideas on politics and race. Throughout the book, Hitler made the Jews sound like really bad people and that they are anyone's enemy. His Death Adolf Hitler died in the year 1945. He committed suicide with Eva Braun the day they got married. Eva killed herself by swallowing cyanide (poison) and Hitler by shooting himself with a pistol. � Some of the theories/ variations include: � 1. He ate poison and shot himself at the same time. 2. He ate poison, but didn't shoot himself. 3. He shot himself, but didn't take poison. 4. One of Hitler's supposed "doubles" was killed, creating the illusion Hitler was dead, allowing the "real" Adolf Hitler to escape. 5. Somebody else killed Hitler. There were so many theories because no one knows exactly how they dies or killed themselves but people know they committed suicide. They were found dead. Eva was found lying on the sofa standing against the wall and Hitler was found seated in an armchair. ...read more.

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