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Who Was Responsible For the Reichstag Fire? - Sources Questions

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Who was responsible for the Reichstag fire? 1) Source B supports source A totally. Van der Lubbe was thought to be the one responsible for the first in the Reichstag building and with these two sources, it seems that way too because in source B van der Lubbe quoted: "I can only repeat that I set the fire to the Reichstag all by myself." This quotation from source A backs up that van der Lubbe was triumphant in his task: "there was a wild, triumphant gleam in his eyes of his eyes of his pale, young face." It also didn't help van der Lubbe's innocence by carrying communist pamphlets. However, all this is all good to say he did burn down the German Government building but is there actually any real evidence (photographic) because all this could have been made up by the National Socialist Party. 2) The communist party was growing in numbers fast. It got the third most votes from the election before the Reichstag fire behind the Social Democrats and the National Socialists. After reading this source, it is only reliable if you are arguing whether van der Lubbe was to be blamed for the fire that happened on 27th February 1932. ...read more.


To help Hitler to arrest more communists he persuaded his consul, President Hindenburg to sign " a decree for the protection of the people and the state" 5) Having read both sides of the argument, these three sources don't prove that Goring burnt down the Reichstag building. In source E, General Halder believes that Goring said, "the only one who really knows about the Reichstag fire is I, t set fire to it." In Goring's defence in source F he denied it by saying, "the whole thing is ridiculous. Even if I had started the fire, I would most certainly not have boasted about it." But the two SA officers backed up the statement made by General Halder in source G. The two SA officers revealed that Goring had an secret "underground passage leading from his house," but in the other sources from the coursework there wasn't anything else saying about this. But why would he have an underground passage leading to the German government. Did Hitler knew about this? All these are good to blame the cause of the Reichstag fire onto Goring however, in Goring's defence he just said it was "ridiculous" to blame it (the fire) ...read more.


No one really caught van der Lubbe red handed so it makes all of the sources unreliable. Source A agrees that van der Lubbe started the fire because Diels saw van der Lubbe, "he panted as if he had completed a tremendous task." Obviously he (Diels) thought that the "tremendous task" was the burning of the Reichstag building. If the communist party ordered him then the fire would have been the start of a communist uprising as the communist seats have been doubled in the space of four whole years. This source is backed up by source B when van der Lubbe is clearly admitting that it was all his responsibility, maybe he is faithful to his party so he said that he did it all by himself. That's why he said, "the other defendants are in this trial, but they were not in the Reichstag." So, they (other defendants) might have been in Goring's house via his "underground passage" as the two SA officers said. Even though van der Lubbe was thought to be a mad man, it is hard to think that he did burn down the German Parliament all by himself as the photo shows in source J. obviously Goring would have deny any allegations made against him in source G. 9) 10) 11) 12) ...read more.

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