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Who were the Black Panthers?

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THE BLACK PANTHERS The Black Panthers were a group of African American men who took violent measures to gain freedom. The Black Panthers stood for liberating their people from the oppression and inequality that the government and police made them face. Many black people responded to their message, because they felt that they could relate to what the Panthers were saying and supported their ideas. The Black Panthers had 10 main beliefs. They created a ten point programme, which listed all of their demands, which were: (1) we want freedom. (2) We want full employment for our people. (3) We want an end to the robbery by the white man of our Black Community. (4) We want decent housing, fit for shelter of human beings. (5) We want education for our people that exposes the true nature of this decadent American society. ...read more.


The Panthers improved the lives of some African Americans by giving them medical attention and creating free breakfast programmes. In the end, the Black Panthers were shut down by the FBI. The U.S. government felt that the Panthers were a major threat to society and put an end to their organization. The FBI went after the Panthers because they thought that their influence on blacks was rebellious. They believed that the Panthers were trying to rebel against the government. Personally, I think that the Panthers were just trying to let the police and the government know that they were not going to put up with their unjust behaviour. The black panthers mean a lot to me. I admire them because of the bold things that they did to help their community, and the self defense tactics that they took to defend themselves from the racist police. I don't think that you have to be black to respond to the Panther's message. ...read more.


Currently, blacks in the U.S. get treated fairly and are not discriminated against by whites. Today's African Americans are entrepreneurs, rappers, CEO's and lawyers, whereas yesterday's African Americans probably had low wage paying jobs. The Panthers wanted an end to police brutality. Does what happened to Rodney King in 1991 suggest that they failed? No, it suggests to me that there are still racist people in the police force, and if they ever decide to attack someone, they will probably do it in a quiet area, where no one will be able to witness the assault. A racist cop would probably strike me with his club or behave in an aggressive way if I frowned at him or gave him an awkward look, so therefore I think that before hiring police officers, we should make them take a polygraph test about their attitude towards different ethnic backgrounds. If the Black Panthers still existed and there was a lot of racial profiling and discrimination, then I would definitely join the organization and try to make some changes. ...read more.

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