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Who were the main people involved in the Civil rights Movement?

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History essay!! Who were the main people involved in the Civil rights Movement? The civil rights movement was perhaps the most vital social movement in the twentieth century. It began with the impact from the Second World War, upon American race-relations, traces the unfolding protests against racial segregation in the 1950's and the 1960's. This analysed the struggle for black southerners to win right to vote. Also it looked at southern white resistances to racial equality. One of the main people involved in the civil rights movement is thirteen-year career of Martin Luther king. He was the most influential black leader of the era, constitutes an important focus for the civil rights movement. ...read more.


If you ask me I think Rosa Parks was the mother of the civil rights movement, because Mrs Parks was convicted one morning, of disobeying the City's segregation ordinance and fined 10 dollars on top of Court costs. Rosa changed the nation when she refused to give her seat up for a white person. The same day of her arrest Martin Luther King was hired by one of the black activists to boycott the bus laws. This boycott, which was one of Jim Crows transportation laws, was a complete success, landing King into the national Stardom with the accomplishment. Soon black people all over began to non-violently protest in many segregations places. ...read more.


His message was and still is liked by black and white people, as he sends the message of true equality and not just power to blacks. Poverty, education, and racism are still part of today's society and in political battle with each other, but the efforts of all the black people are paying off for everyone. The world does seem to be getting better. Not only did these people help in the Civil rights movement but also, so did many others. To me these were the main involvements as they did a lot. They didn't only do this because it was the right thing to do, but because it was they believed in. they have changed many nations and who knows where black people would be today with out the help of many brave ...read more.

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