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Whom do sources A-D blame for President Kennedy's death and what evidence is given for this?

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Whom do sources A-D blame for President Kennedy's death and what evidence is given for this? President John .F. Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November 1963. There were many theories to why and by whom it was. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the assassination and was assassinated himself by Jack Ruby on his way to trial. Source A is an extract from the warren commission which was a group of government and judicial officials put in charge of the enquiry into JFK's murder. The warren commission strongly believed Oswald acted alone. They came o this conclusion on the basis of four main things, the near whole bullet found on Governor Connally's stretcher, the 3 used cartridges found near the window ...read more.


They were called the senate select committee and published there findings in 1979. In this source they do not completely dismiss Oswald as the assassin although they do believe that the assassination was probably a conspiracy with another, un-identified gunman present. They base this evidence on a newly found tape recording of a motorcycle policeman's radio transmission being analysed using very sophisticated acoustical evidence suggesting that one of the shots was fired from a small grassy hill in front of the motorcade. The conclusions of the warren commission and the senate select committee are very different but both believe that Lee-Harvey Oswald was involved. ...read more.


Beside this is the same type of bullet fired from the same type of gun through the wrist of a corpse, just one of the wounds caused by the other bullet, shown to be heavily damaged. This shows the improbability of the other bullet inflicting the wounds and implies that it was planted there. Although this source doesn't directly accuse anyone of the assassination it strongly supports a conspiracy involving more than three bullets and more gunmen. Three out of four sources support the conspiracy theory and the other blames a lone assassin, Lee-Harvey Oswald. Using all the evidence presented in these sources it is apparent that the conspiracy theory requires further investigation!! ...read more.

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