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Whose side would you be on in the English Civil War?

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´╗┐Whose side would you be on in The English Civil War? Civil war was declared. In this essay, I will explain my choice on whose side I think I would be on in The English Civil War. I feel sorry for Charles I because in actual fact his wife Henrietta Maria persuaded him and left him with no choice to make the bad decisions he made. If it weren?t for his wife intruding in the king?s business there would not have been a Civil War. This makes me sympathise with Charles I. I would be a Parliamentarian because Charles I made some very terrible decisions such as in 1629 Charles I dismissed Parliament and decided to rule on his own, I think this was the wrong decision to make because ...read more.


I think this was a very foolish thing to do, just because he was presented with the Petition of Rights which said that no taxes could be collected without Parliaments permission to collect taxes as he knew some of them were going to be very unfair decisions like in 1635 when he chose to extend the ship money, even to those who were nowhere near the coastline. This is why some people rebelled against this. Charles I was a big spender. Not only did he spend money on his family, his favourites and his friends, but he needed to pay for wars against France and Spain. I think that spending money on this that you didn?t need is a very selfish thing to do particularly when everything was more expensive and ...read more.


He made the right decision and fought for the safety of the citizens of England; it was their right and will of knowing what the king was actually doing to England. I think the members of Parliament were brave people and did not deserve to be put down by the king. The New Model Army is an example of Oliver Cromwell?s great achievements. The officers were well-trained and the soldiers were well equipped, well fed and paid. This showed that the Parliament deserved to win the Civil War as they were well prepared and everyone was treated fairly unlike the king. I think that Parliament deserved to win the Civil War and King Charles I turned England upside down into depression. ...read more.

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