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why did a campaign for women's suffrage develop after the year 1870?

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Why did a Campaign for women's suffrage develop in the years after 1870? Women's suffrage developed in the years after 1870. The four main factors were education, work, law and family. Another reason for this was because women believed they should have the right to vote as they worked just as hard as men. They had felt so strongly about this issue because they wanted freedom, they wanted a valid voice, and they wanted the choice! Giving women their vote would gain all of that and respect and civil rights. In 1860's the constitutional suffragists were led by Millicent Fawcett. The Suffragists changed many laws and fought for many things. One of them is being, giving women the right to vote. In 1939 they introduced the custody of infant act; women would get custody of the children as long as she didn't commit adultery. In 1967 the abortion act was also introduced and women had the choice to have an abortion. ...read more.


Before this law was passed, men would legally always have custody over the children no matter what the issue was. Women in 1840 were not entitled to keep the money they worked for! The money went to the men as the men thought they worked a lot harder then women. Men must have been afraid of women keeping their own money for many reasons, one reason is because if they have they own money they can carry themselves and they wouldn't need men. In 1863 that had all changed and women were allowed to keep their own money. This must have built more motivation because if they could change this law they can change any law, including giving women their say and vote. Women were not allowed to get a job of their choice even if they were qualified. The reason why I think men didn't allow them was because there has always been a hierarchy for people's occupation. ...read more.


The WSPU (The Suffragettes). Their methods were a lot different to the Suffragists. The Suffragettes used militant methods like harassing ministers, smashing windows and going on hunger strikes. In 1928 women had finally got justice and gained the thing they have been fighting for such a long time, the right to vote. The women at that time must have felt so honourable as they have changed something so much, they changed everything. If women weren't allowed to vote Britain wouldn't of had that one female Priminister (Margaret Thatcher). The women's role was to be a typical housewife. To stay at home and look after the house and take care of the children, the men went out to work and 'brought home the bacon'. All these factors and points produced a campaign for women's suffrage to develop in the years after 1870. If women weren't allowed further education they wouldn't be qualified for jobs like being a doctor or lawyer. If the suffragists and suffragettes never formed maybe women's campaign would have never started or maybe women might have never got the choice to vote. Mohanjit Sekhon 10x1 ...read more.

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