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Why did a campaign for women's suffrage develop in the years after 1870?

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Why did a campaign for women's suffrage develop in the years after 1870? The movement for women's suffrage became more powerful after 1870. There were a number of different reasons for this. In this essay I will be looking at these different reasons and I also will be writing about how things developed in time. I will start by looking at the situation in 1870. In 1870 the situation for women was bad and women were unfairly treated compared to men. There was inequality at work, inequality before the law, inequality in education and inequality of voting rights. Women were unequally treated by the law. Women couldn't divorce their husbands and if the husband left the wife, he would get the children, the home, the money and everything else the women owned. ...read more.


Women didn't get to vote, all voting was done by men. Women didn't get a say in politics or get to choose they wanted to vote for. In 1867 most men had the right to vote. There was significant development that occurred gradually. After 1870 there were a lot of changes, this helped the women's movement for suffrage; because of all these changes women became more confident. Women were allowed to keep their own income and property after they married. In 1878 a woman who was separated from her husband was legally allowed to claim maintenance to support her and her children, if she had to leave him because he was cruel. Finally in 1891 women could no longer be forced to stay home against their own will, they could leave and live elsewhere. ...read more.


Most men were allowed to vote but not all. The vote was important for women because, women would get more rights, they would be the same as men and would get a say in the law. They would be able to vote for whichever prime minister they would want to come into power and would be able to improve women's rights further. The movement for women's suffrage gradually developed after 1870. Women were being treated better and because of this they got better education, and thanks to better education women started to get better jobs such as doctors, teachers clerical work and other white collar jobs. Women gained more confidence, had higher expectations and wanted the vote to improve their status more. The period of time after 1870 was a pivotal point in the changes for women's suffrage. 664 Words Jayesh Patel 10X Mr Spence History Coursework ...read more.

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