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Why did a campaign for women's suffrage develop in the years after 1870?

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Why did a campaign for women's suffrage develop in the years after 1870? The advances in work, education and legal rights in this period were real and significant. Women particularly middle class women had gained rights over their property and new opportunity for education. New jobs and careers were available, but women were still inferior in marriage, they were barred from most professions and could not vote. For many campaigners this was the most basic injustice of them all. The right to vote would be a key to many other changes. In the 19th century women had almost no property rights, very little employment opportunities and hardly any political rights. ...read more.


For those who wished to continue to further education. After 1870, the government did not seem to be taking any action in order to give women more rights. Women rarely had professional jobs due as they were considered to be suitable only for men, however some did enter the professions. This was a huge step for middle- class women, though their graduation was met with hostility from many men. By 1861, women outnumbered men in textile factories and in domestic survive. The home was no longer the centre of work and this particularly affected women. Therefore women were forced to choose between looking after the children and the home or seek work in factories and mills. ...read more.


This act was for women to get divorced if their husbands had deserted them. In 1840 women were also given the custody of children. It was an important step, by the main result of the act was to make it easier for women to divorce their husbands for adultery therefore leading to have the custody of their children. Unlike men who could divorce their wife purely in any time. If the women could prove that their husbands were cruel or committed an offensive crime then they can get their children and divorce them. All these Factors of women gaining these rights proved to the women that they can gain the right to vote if they campaigned for it. Thus groups like the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) to be founded and therefore making the first step for women to gain the right to vote. ...read more.

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