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Why did Adolf Hitler come to power and Become chancellor for Germany in 1933?

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History essay: Shannon Mannion-Moran Yr 11: Study of nazi Germany. Why did Adolf Hitler come to power and Become chancellor for Germany in 1933? Adolf Hitler came to be chancellor in Germany in 1933 after several years of the national socialists German workers party gaining seats in the Reichstag and support for their extreme right wing ideas. During 1929 and 1932 Germany went through an extreme depression, as did the rest of the world, and with stressman gone Germany needed help out of an economic crisis, Adolf Hitler soon became 'the answer' with his powerful speeches and organisation of the nazi party. He used political manoeuvring with the president of Germany and his closest advisers and promises of power and pro German nationalist ideas to win over its people; even through he was actually Austrian. Hitler also shared one vital and key scapegoat with the Germans he loathed the treaty of Versailles. And promised Germany freedom from it, an idea, which added to his, growing popularity and helped him eventually become chancellor.


This Dawes plan also meant that Germany could pay back reparations in payment they could afford. Through the Dawes plan and stressmen signing the Locarno treaty, Germany was back on its feet earning money again, no longer in threat of attack and let into the league of nations. Life was back to normal. But during this time a small party was rising up in the background, the nazi party. Adolf Hitler made his 1st attempt to seize power in ' the beer hall putsch'; he failed and was jailed and sentenced to 6 years. Germany was back on track until 1929 when a greatly damaging event took place. The Wall Street crash. All of a sudden the whole world was in deep depression inflation sky rocketed and even the wealthy country of America, where the even took place had to call back all its loans so it's people didn't stave and become unemployed too vastly. But Germany was hit even worse with its loans from America called back the economic structure of Germany collapsed.


Hitler promised to destroy the treaty of Versailles, make Germany wealthy and respected again to give back Germanys power to the people. His part had earned 07 seats in the Reichstag after the Wall Street crash. And as unemployment then rose as did support for the nazi party. It was not only help for the people that Hitler needed but also from the president Hindenburg and his main advisers: von Schliecher and von Papen. None of these important figures in Germany trusted Hitler and his ideas though. But as both von Schliecher and von Papen had been chancellor and failed to keep majority, they began to use Hitler and his support to their advantage or so they thought. Von Papen knew that the only way he could become chair of cabinet in the Reichstag was by joining with Hitler, and convincing Hindenburg that they could control him, once he was chancellor by keeping nazi majority down. And so against his better judgement Hindenburg made Hitler chancellor in 1933. he and his party took full control of Germany a few yrs later. By Shannon Mannion - Moran

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