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Why Did Anti-Semitism Develop In Europe In 1900-1941?

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Why Did Anti-Semitism Develop In Europe In 1900-1941? For this essay I will be answering the question: 'Why did anti-Semitism develop in Europe between 1900-1941?' To the best of my ability. In 1941 the ultimatum was Hitler's attempt to genocide of the whole Jewish race in the Holocaust. So for this essay I'm finding out what may had lead up to the Holocaust, why anti-Semitism developed, and why Jews were separated from society, condemned 'impure'. According to records the majority of people started hating Jews as they blamed them for killing Jesus, because when Jesus was lead before the procurator, Pontius Pilate, for sentencing. Pontius Pilate left the decision to the people weather or not Jesus should be executed the early church tended to place the major blames on the Jews. They became the scapegoats for most people as many Jews refused to become Christians. This led to the belief that God rejected Jews as they had rejected Jesus, a theology was developed claiming that Christians were true Israel, God's chosen people. God had cast aside the Jews he had sent them his only son and they had rejected him. Appalling accusations were made towards Jews, for example they were accused of sacrificing their children, were compared to wild beasts and had their synagogues deemed as meeting places for assassins of Christ. ...read more.


This gave an insight into how Jews were looked upon by the rest of humanity with the main character, Barabbas and Ithamore making outrageous claims as to what they have done and witnessed. Claims from Barabbas include: 'Well, I've been prowling around at night. I kill sick people. Sometimes I go and poison wells. Now and then I encourage Christians to become thieves and then I 'shop' them. I've been a doctor: and I've certainly kept gravediggers busy. I was an engineer in Charles the fifth's army and I managed to blow up both sides. I've driven people to suicide by lending money and making them bankrupt. And now I could buy this town if I wanted to.' Ithamore, as though Barabbas' claims are nothing out of the ordinary, responds: ' Well, sir, I've been burning down Christian villages. I was a holster in an inn; night crept into bedrooms and slit throats. I've been to Jerusalem. There I spread powder on all the places where Christian's pilgrims kneel. I laughed to see them limping on stilts.' There also were protocols, which were apparently written by Jews but were in reality fictional works of Russian anti-Jewish fanatics in the late nineteenth century. But unfortunately people at the time they were written didn't know this so believe that they were truly written by Jews, this caused many to stop Jews from buying businesses and destroyed the ones already in motion. ...read more.


being the Germans in Hiltlers views and Houston Stewart Chamberlain introduced the idea of an Aryan race, (a typical north Europeans with blonde hair and blue eyes), to dominate Europe. Which Hitler did not even fit into. Gobineau, author of " on the inequality of the human races " had the idea of " pure blood ", which could easily be made impure by inter-racial marriages or having an inter-racial family. Strengths, morals and personality were all believed to be products of pure blood. So from then on Jews were separated from all races, Jews were only allowed to interact with other fellow Jews. All of the reasons in this essay contributed to the mass hate and dislike of Jewish people, an unfair condemning of everything they did or took part in and to conclude a large number of Jews suffered intolerable pain and were massacred in huge numbers. It was estimated that 6 million Jews died in 1945, 4,566,000 of which in Soviet Union, Poland and Baltic States, and 125,000 in Germany alone. As a result of a few exaggerations and misinterpreted truths, many Jews suffered and died painfully. A quote from Anne Frank's diary said, ' What one Christian does is his own responsibility. What one Jew does is thrown back at all Jews.' Anne Frank died in 1945 at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp aged 15. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page1 ...read more.

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