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Why did Germany vote for a dictator (Hitler) in 1933?

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Why did Germany vote for a dictator (Hitler) in 1933? There were many reasons why Germany voted for a dictator. Some people voted for a dictator purely for their own benefit, whereas others based it more on Hitler himself. Nonetheless there were still a countless number of other aspects which contributed to the people's decision to a dictator such as Hitler. One of the main reasons that Germany wanted Hitler in power was solely for revenge. A large number of people in Germany were angry at America, Britain and France. This was because they thought that the treaty had been unfair on them and that they were forced to accept it. ...read more.


Middle-class people preferred a fascist leader because they thought that communism was the worst threat of all for them, and was what had made their country weak. This leads onto the next reason why people wanted a dictator in 1933, which was power and wealth. After the remnants of the war, Germany was left in a terrible state, depression. As the French had taken over many of the German's coal and iron fields to help pay for reparations, unemployment was sweeping the nation. This problem carried on creating problems for people and the country year after year. This was mostly because of collapse of Germany's economy and trade, making the money that those fortunate enough to earn, worthless. ...read more.


As a result of the powerful propaganda, many voters were steered towards the direction of the Nazis. This was because the propaganda was so effective, people wanted to be like the Nazis, who looked strong, courageous and authoritative. The uniforms were impressive to some people that they joined to support the Nazis, whether a brown shirt or supporter. Hitler and the Nazis felt that supporting the Nazis in their 'mission' was the patriotic thing to do. The propaganda made some people begin to see the Nazis ideas in action and how it really was the patriotic thing to do. Overall, most people decided that they wanted Hitler as their dictator, because of the promises he made. Many people could relate to the ideas that Hitler and the Nazis came up with. Therefore Hitler gained a lot of votes that way. ...read more.

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