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Why did Henry VII break with Rome?

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´╗┐Sunday 7th October 2012 Why did Henry VIII break from Rome? The main reason why Henry VIII broke from the Church of Rome was that he believed he needed a son to ensure the Tudor dynasty survived. However, there were also other reasons which included that Henry needed money to become more powerful in Europe that all added up with the break with Rome. Despite Henry VIII reign being a devoted Catholic, he soon turned against the church, and then broke with Rome. Originally, Henry agreed with the pope being Head of the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, he wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon (which the Church did not allow) after her failure at producing a male heir) to maintain the Tudor Dynasty. This angered Henry, getting annoyed at the Catholic Church, his dislike towards the Catholic Church started to grow. ...read more.


Henry wanted this power but the only way to do so was to break from Rome. Additionally, he assumed that the people thought the church was corrupt and if he broke with Rome, he would become more of a popular king, despite people being terrified from disagreeing with the Pope, from the rumoured image of hell. Martin Luther, a German Monk, was a protestant, thought that the Church was a corrupt Catholic church. Henry heard about this, and in the beginning, disagreed with his thoughts, though later, Martin Luther had said he would allow divorce. This gave Henry the idea to break away with the Catholic Church and become a Protestant. If he did so, he would gain many advantages. He would be able to divorce Catherine of Aragon allowing him to marry his new lover- Ann Boleyn but more importantly have a male heir. ...read more.


He would now be in charge of the Church?s power and wealth. However, divorcing Catherine of Aragon, being the daughter of a Spanish King and Queen could decrease his power, since, the marriage caused the alliance. What if Catherine of Aragon had produced a male heir to the throne? Henry would have not needed to divorce which caused the quarrel with the Catholic Church. Henry would have carried on disagreeing with Martin Luther and the break with Rome would probably not have occurred. Arguably, this has shown that the male heir Catherine of Aragon failed to deliver was the main factor of the break with Rome. The church had not allowed the marriage, and with Henry thinking the Church had too much power as well as wealth, he decided to break with Rome. He believed he would have more power if he was Head of the English Church, so that they would not influence over his decisions due to their limited power. ...read more.

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