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Why did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany in 1933?

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Homework 27/01/02 Why did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany in 1933? Hitler was born in Braunau in Austria in 1889. He left school at the age of 16 to study art in Vienna. He did not win a place and was forced to live in poverty. Hitler signed up for service in a German infantry unit. He won the iron cross for bravery. The chancellor of Germany at the time was Hindenburg. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany by having a lot of help. In 1933 Germany was having economic problems the government was not helping the situation and it got worse. Germany need a new a leader. At the time Hindenburg was getting old so a new leader would have to be appointed soon. Hitler's chance had just arrived to become leader of Germany. In 1919 Hitler joined the German Workers' Party, which was based in Munich and had 40 members. By 1921 Hitler became leader and changed the name to the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party). Hitler now had gained control of the 40 people in the party. ...read more.


This is when the wall street crash happened. The world economic depression hit Germany and the Germany currency was worthless. Hitler was released from prison in 1924 whilst Germany was in serious economic problems. Hindenburg was struggling with Germany's problems. Germany's unemployment rate was increasing rapidly. In 1932 voters had made the Nazi party the largest single party. Hitler had now gained control and support of thousands of people. Hitler had just taken another step closer towards his goal of being chancellor of Germany. Hitler seemed to have a lot of luck on his side. He got released out of prison early, Hindenburg was becoming elderly and Germany had hit a lot of trouble and needed a new leader to get them out of the trouble they were in. In 1933 Hitler accomplished his goal to become chancellor of Germany. In January 1933 elderly president Hindenburg asked Hitler to become Chancellor of Germany. He thought Hitler could solve Germany's problem and he thought Hitler would be easy to control. In February 1933 Germany's Reichstag building was burnt down. A Dutch communist was found near the scene of the crime. Some think Hitler framed him. Hitler arrested many of his communist opponents. ...read more.


Hitler started many new schemes to create work for people. People started to work and Germany was getting back to normal. Hitler got a lot of support when he got Germany out of trouble. He also aimed at making the youth of Germany support him as well. Hitler decided what they would learn in school. The youth of Germany were being brainwashed so they would become loyal Nazi's when they grew up. Hitler had everyone supporting him and he had al the power he wanted. Hitler became leader of Germany because he was lucky enough to be there at the right time. He became leader because of the economic troubles Germany was in. If these didn't happen Hindenburg wouldn't have given his job to Hitler. The Nazi party helped Hitler become leader as well because if he didn't join them and become leader he wouldn't have been known by anyone. People had heard about him and that's how Hindenburg heard about him. He made a lot of promises to people and Hindenburg liked his promises. There was a lot of luck involved in Hitler becoming leader of Germany. It was luck that there was economic depression and that Hindenburg died. Hitler was helped into power by the economic situation, the nazi party and by luck. By Adam Mahmood ...read more.

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